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Dominion officially coming to the App Store this week

My favorite card game to play with friends right now is called Dominion. It's a game that's set off a "deck-building" craze in the board gaming world, in that you build up a deck to play with as the game goes on. It's inspired quite a few games on the App Store already (including the excellent ...

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Magic 2013 now (finally!) available on the iPad

The wait is over: Wizards of the Coast has finally brought an official, real version of Magic: The Gathering over to the iPad. Magic 2013 is now available on the App Store, and while there have been plenty of Magic-style card games before, and even an official Magic tracking app from Wizards, t...

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Unofficial Dominion on iOS now, official version later

I'm a big fan of Ascension, the iOS app that replicates the real-life deck-building card game of the same name. But when it comes to more self-contained deck-building card games where you build a deck as you play, as opposed to collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, there's really one b...

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Daily iPad App: Seahaven GT

Seahaven GT ($0.99) offers a simple iPad adaptation of Free Cell solitaire. I first encountered Seahaven GT a few years back and thought it was a terrific implementation of a basic card game. It is fun to play and has really satisfying interaction elements. Then a few months ago, I noticed it h...

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