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Carmageddon's once-banned violent antics are a surprisingly perfect fit for iPhone

You'd never know it from looking at it today -- what with the ultra-graphic deaths in games like Call of Duty and its contemporaries -- but Carmageddon was once a hugely controversial game. Its automotive violence got the game banned in several countries in the late '90s, but now that we're (theor...

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Carmageddon free, The Incident and more on sale

Just in time for the weekend, here's a few apps that have dropped their (already cheap) prices even lower, meaning that you've got plenty to play here for just a few bucks' worth (all prices USD). The PC classic turned iOS port Carmageddon has gone completely free for today only. The Inciden...

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Carmageddon for iOS out now, free for a day

Carmageddon is an old PC title from the company now called Stainless Games, and earlier this year, they held a Kickstarter to update the game and release it out on iOS. The Kickstarter got funded, and Stainless has now delivered on its promise, and released the title on Apple's App Store. The n...

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Carmageddon will be free (for a day) on iOS

Carmageddon is an old PC game that recently got the Kickstarter treatment, as developer Stainless Games is planning to build a sequel. Not only did the project get completely funded, but the company hit its "stretch goal," so as a result, the game will also come out for iOS when it arrives late...

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Waze makes plans to deal with LA's Carmageddon

Here in Los Angeles, there's a cataclysmic event about to happen. No, it's not the next earthquake (as far as we know) or an alien invasion. It's Carmageddon, which is what the locals have started calling a closure period over July 16 and 17 where the city will shut down the 405 highway from th...

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