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Centrafuse offers iPhone control via touchscreen

We know what you're thinking. "I've always wanted to crash my car, but only if I can blame it on a hilarious YouTube video." Well gas up the Civic and put some fresh Ace Wrap in the glove box, because your chance is nearly upon you. YouTube user Mister Romin has demonstrated how he used an iPhone...

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Road Trip GPS plugin for Apple TV

A little while back, Apple TV Hacks posted on a great idea: one of their readers, Brandon Holland, is using an Apple TV as a carputer. He chiefly uses it as an in-car entertainment center, but it also does double duty as a GPS system using the Road Trip plugin which he has now released over at Awkwa...

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RouteBuddy 1.3 adds turn-by-turn routing and voice prompts

I admit it - I have an almost irrational fascination with carputers, particularly Mac mini-based ones. I've always wanted to build one myself, but have been stopped by: A) The lack of time and money, and B) The fact that a carputer would probably be worth more than my jalopy. While we've mentioned ...

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Current Intel Macs already support EVDO PCI Express Mini card

The guys over at EVDOinfo.com have discovered that current Intel Macs already support 3G EVDO cards. Basically what they did is rip the PCI Express Mini Airport wireless card out of a Mac mini and replace it with a previously activated EVDO PCI Express Mini card taken from a Novatel U720 USB EVDO mo...

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AMP: Front Row-like Touchscreen Interface

In preparing our recent carputer post, I came across AMP, the Front Row-like touchscreen interface Sam used for his car based Mac. Designed by author Aychamo with an extensible plugin architecture AMP already has plugins allowing you to import and access your iTunes library, movies, and photos. It ...

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Found Footage: Subaru carputer

I admit it: I'm a sucker for car computers. The mini just makes so much sense for getting your Mac on while cruising down the highway. Sam Garfield has a beautiful take on the mini based carputer in his Subaru WRX. He's using a touch-sensitive 7" LCD with a Front Row like interface called AMP. I...

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Apple wants more iPod ready cars

Bob Borchers, who is the senior director of iPod worldwide product marketing, told CNET that Apple is interested in making the use of iPods in cars much easier. Apple thinks that the mess of cables and such that accompany current solutions can be done better with factory installed iPod option in car...

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Mac mini in a Prius

I'm not much of a car guy, in fact I don't even have a drivers license (hey, I live in downtown Philly so I don't need a car), so it takes a lot to get me excited about cars. This Prius has overcome my apathy towards cars. A clever person has loaded their Prius with a Mac mini. We have seen such car...

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DeLorean + Mac mini equals ?

I have no idea what it equals but this guy wants to find out. Many people put Macs in their cars, for a number of reasons (though mostly it boils down to: because I can), the DeLorean Mac mini integration has one unique aspect to it: the screen. Actually, there is no screen, but rather a projector t...

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