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Apple's $17 billion bond deal is the largest in history

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple made the largest corporate-bond deal in history on Tuesday, when it raised US$17 billion in bonds -- the first time the company has offered bonds in 20 years. In response, The New York Times asks, why would cash-rich Apple do this in the first place? Analy...

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Daily iPhone App: Dungeon Hunter 4 is a hack-and-slash that asks for cash

I got to see Dungeon Hunter 4 in action a few weeks ago at GDC, and now the app is out and available for free on the App Store for you to try out for yourself. I'm torn on this one, unfortunately. On the one hand, this is an excellent game -- the graphics are extremely well done and the contr...

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Warren Buffett speaks out on Apple's cash pile

Warren Buffet was on CNBC yesterday, and the famous investor had some opinions about Apple, its stock price and the enormous pile of cash it's sitting on lately. His basic thoughts, not surprisingly, were just for Apple to keep making money. "The best thing you can do with a business is run it ...

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WSJ: Apple will respond to Greenlight Capital lawsuit by Wednesday

The pace is picking up in the lawsuit filed against Apple by Greenlight Capital fund manager David Einhorn. The Wall Street Journal reports that 1 Infinite Loop will issue its response to the suit by this Wednesday, February 13, with Greenlight expected to follow up with its comments by Friday in...

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Fund manager David Einhorn sues Apple, wants cash to go back to shareholders

David Einhorn is a fund manager at Greenlight Capital, and he's leading the charge with a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company hasn't done enough to make sure its shareholders receive the benefits of their success. Apple's been making plenty of money lately, of course, but Einhorn's...

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Apple VP of iOS Scott Forstall cashes in $38.7 million of Apple shares

Tim Cook's salary came up in the news last month when he was awarded a million shares of Apple stock, and cashed out a few, in addition to his many other forms of compensation. And here's another Apple manager who's taking advantage of Apple's soaring stock price when he can. Vice President of ...

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Tim Cook: Apple pipeline "full of stuff"

Earlier today, Apple held a conference call and announced it would start paying shareholders a dividend as well as buy back US$10 billion in stock shares. During his talk, Tim Cook wouldn't discuss iPad sales or new products, but he did hint that Apple was not done innovating. "I am extremely c...

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Tim Cook announces "record weekend" of iPad sales

Gene Munster knew that today's analyst conference call was reserved for discussion of Apple's newly announced dividend and stock repurchase plans, but he couldn't help himself -- he tried to sneak in a question about current results, specifically whether Apple would be issuing a press release a...

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Investors eyeing Tim Cook's management of Apple's cash horde

Every three months Apple announces its quarterly earnings, and we see the company's huge pile of cash grow to increasingly awe-inspiring heights. Like clockwork, a day or two after the earnings announcement comes calls for Apple to give some of that money back to its shareholders in the form of div...

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What's Apple going to do with $97 billion in cash?

During its earnings conference call, Apple confirmed the company is sitting on a treasure chest of US$97.6 billion. This stack of cash is steadily growing, up from $81.6 billion at the end of the September quarter. With all that money in the bank, you can't help but wonder... what's Apple going to ...

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GameStop iOS trade-ins a big success

GameStop recently started taking trade-ins on iOS hardware, and it turns out the decision was a great one for the company: President Tony Bartel said in a statement that the program "has exceeded our expectations," especially citing lots of post-holiday traffic, as people bring in their old iPh...

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Apple could survive on current cash alone until 2018

During the 2Q 2011 Apple Results Call last Wednesday, we listened with rapt attention as the number for "Cash and Cash Equivalents" figure was announced. The number, as you may recall, was US$65.8 billion. One question that many of us always ask is "What could Apple do with that money?" Asymc...

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Apple lays out $11 billion in purchase commitments

Many out there think Apple should go on an acquisition spree with its $65.8 billion in cash. Others think that Apple should issue a dividend to its shareholders. I tend to agree with the first line of thought (especially when it comes to buying patent portfolios), but at this moment in time, it's ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Cashish

Whenever we TUAW bloggers all get together, we tend to pass around our favorite iPhone apps of late, and this week at Macworld has been no exception. Last year at WWDC, Victor Agreda recommended Taxi Magic, and this year at Macworld, our own Mike Rose told me about Cashish, a financial app with abo...

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Toys R Us offering iPod trade-in

We here at TUAW aren't quite sure how great a deal this is, but just in case you want to take advantage, Toys R Us is apparently offering trade-ins on old iPods. From October 17 to the 23rd, the toy chain will take old iPods (no model is specified, but I'd assume older won't get you as much money) ...

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