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Caturday: Le magnifique chat devant l'iMac

Ahhh, the hunting grounds of the magnificent tuxedo cat ... in front of an iMac. This is Kali, a cat belonging to the daughter of TUAW reader Denis Giguere of Laval, Quebec. Denis poetically notes that: We are currently sitting Kali, one of our daughter's cats. In Hindu religion, Kali is the God...

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This dog has no patience for your stupid iPad games

Everyone's gotten a little bit heated over a rough game of Candy Crush Saga, but if you think your iOS gaming temper is bad then you've never met Violet. Violet is a greyhound that loves her iPad, but doesn't take kindly to being bested by a game that's made for cats. As you can see in the video b...

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The one iMac feature cat lovers really want

A kitten-creating iMac. Want now, please. ...

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Cat Scratch Fever: The complete Friskies iOS cat app library

Kittens are on the minds of part of the TUAW crew this week; Editor-In-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. is now the proud dad of Kit-Kat (yes, we know she has an Android OS name), while my wife and I decided to open our home to two adorable new kitties named Merry and Pippin. While looking around last night ...

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Caturday: Under the (MacBook) cover

Pink is a lovely cat who, according to owner and TUAW reader wouter, loved to sleep on his old white MacBook back when she was only about six months old. All I can say is "that can't be comfortable"! Pink resides with Floyd, naturally, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Wouter says: We've got two cat...

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YouTube Find: Animals go insane over the iPad

We all know how much cats love the iPad, but did you know that dogs, birds and lizards love it, too? Check out this entertaining compilation video below showcasing our furry and not-so-furry friends enjoying some quality time with everyone's favorite tablet. ...

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Caturday: I caught a mouse

We found this lovely cat and picture while doing a search of Flickr recently. Brian Wilkins shot this gorgeous black and white image of his cat -- which had just "caught a mouse" -- with a Canon EOS 400D. Beautiful cat and picture, accentuated by the sleek lines of the Apple Magic Mouse. We'd lov...

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Caturday: Mater surveys his domain

For cats, Macs are devices to keep warm next to. Bryn Behrenshausen's lovely cat Mater has his choice of Apple products to cuddle up to, including a new Apple AirPort Express, an iPad, and an iMac. Bryn says, "My cat Mater stands watch over my Apple gear in our home office. He likes to sit by the ...

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Tabby is not impressed with the Mac mini

Ok, so it's not the most powerful Mac of all time -- and this 2009 model is definitely a bit out of date -- but there's no reason to look at it with such disdain. [Photo Credit: Michael Gorzka]...

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Caturday: Matej the multi-purpose cat

Whether it's laying comfortably in front of a classic slot-loading iMac in 2003 -- presumably there to clean off CDs and DVDs going into the drive -- or getting exercise more recently batting at fish in the Friskies iPad app (below), Matej knows his Apple products and loves 'em. Matej hails from P...

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Caturday: Lula doesn't appreciate Jony Ive's work

Lula's gorgeous, she's smart, but she obviously doesn't appreciate Jony Ive's designs. Says owner Rafael Najmanovich: Here is a photo of Lula, our 7 month old kitten. She really likes my retina Macbook Pro. Not just sitting in my keyboard and occasionally restarting my mac but also trying to che...

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Caturday: Gracie's private heat source, the AirPort Extreme

It's starting to get chilly all over the Northern Hemisphere, and tech-savvy cats around the world are seeking out their favorite Mac or accessory for a little warmth. The "old" AirPort Extreme was notorious for running quite hot, making it a favorite for Apple-loving felines. Here, Don Moody's c...

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Caturday: Gorky catches a mouse

Yeahhhh, it's a good thing that those USB mice operate at a low voltage and current, since Gorky the cat has apparently decided that the "tail" of this mouse was good enough to eat. Gorky's human Jeffrey H. let us know that this was the first time that he had caught a mouse... We'd love to see ph...

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Daily iPhone App: Hackycat makes kicking the cat fun

Stick with me on this: Hackycat is basically a game about kicking cats. In real life, of course, I love cats, and would never want to kick one. But Hackycat, designed by a very talented artist named Ken Wong, is all about playing hackeysack with a bevy of cartoony, colorful and surprisingly ser...

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Caturday pic: Stop working nao

Kitty is obviously thinking, "get off the computer and pet me." photo by kwalk628...

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