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iOS-only Boxes app adds eBay support, private and public boxes, and barcode scanner

If you're a collector, there comes a time when you have to face the sad reality that part of collecting is keeping track of your collection, and selling off the excess. Boxes is an iOS-exclusive app that does just that, offering a powerful cataloging tool with photos that allows you to document and...

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NeoFinder powerfully catalogs and indexes your photos, music and much more

NeoFinder is a fast and efficient cataloger (digital asset manager) for all your data. TUAW's not previously discussed NeoFinder, but with high recommendations and praise, it's recently come to our attention in the TUAW head office, so we though we'd give it a mention. From documents to photos ...

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Cut the barcode scanning cord with CLZ Barry for iPhone

Did you have a New Year's resolution to organize your book collection (again)? It's definitely on the list in our household, but it's a daunting job; we have thousands of books (literally and literarily) scattered across many shelves, basement boxes and a home office, plus another whole library a...

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Telltale Games may be releasing all games for Mac

Telltale Games has been rocking the retro lately, doing great things like bringing Secret of Monkey Island and Sam & Max back in new forms, and releasing new episodic classics like Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Now they might be doing so on the Mac: rumor has it that they'll be r...

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First Look: FontShuffle puts FontShop in your pocket

If, like me, you do a lot of your font shopping at FontShop, you're sure to love FontShuffle. FontShuffle is like having a copy of the indispensable FontShop catalog right on your iPhone or iPod touch. I know my dog-eared copy from 2002 needs to be updated and/or retired: FontShuffle is a nifty, fr...

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Win a license for video catalog tool Frameline 47

If you're like me, your professional or personal efforts toward video organization nirvana have been less than fruitful over the years. With video files spread across multiple formats and multiple storage locations, keeping everything readily available and tagged for reuse is a giant pain. On the c...

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Media Catalog 4.0 faster, supports Quick Look

People who are religious about backups, especially those who use removable media like CDs or DVDs as backup media, often find themselves in a world of hurt when they try to find individual files on a pile of discs. It's worse than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack! Developer Robert Kuilman...

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The SkyMall Index: measure the iPod ecosystem

If you fly, you know the airborne retail experience: the SkyMall catalog, sitting in the seat pouch, reminding you that you really should have brought something to read. The compilation of useful household products (fake rocks to cover unsightly yard objects!), kitschy health & gadget items, and...

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HistoryHound - full text search of browser histories, NetNewsWire, more

HistoryHound is a handy search utility for anyone who does a lot of surfing and RSS reading between multiple apps. It offers a full text search of most of the major Mac OS X browsers including Mozilla's, OmniWeb and even Opera, as well as two of the more popular RSS readers: Pulp Fiction and NetNews...

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TUAW Tip: Mac OS X can verify itself now

Disk Utility is a great maintenance and troubleshooting tool for those times when your Mac starts acting up. Repairing permissions can sometimes be handy (even though its true validity is in question as of late), but using the Verify and Repair Disk operations is often a more useful tactic. However,...

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Beatles will sell music online, join rest of us in 21st century

iLounge is reporting that the Beatles catalog is currently being remastered in preparation for (finally) selling it through online music services (yea, plural). A Reuters article states that Neil Aspinall, a former Beatles road manager and witness in the Apple vs. Apple trademark lawsuit, is apparen...

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Quicksilver basics: shake hands with your preferences

Yesterday Quicksilver started acting a little goofy, and I wasn't surprised; I have just about every beta and extra turned on as I just can't stop exploring all the neat stuff this app can do. During my troubleshooting efforts I resorted to the simple trick of quitting Quicksilver and simply moving...

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