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LightScribe software for optical disc labels finally updated

Optical discs... Apple hates them, but lots of people still use them. Blu-ray has been a relatively slow starter in the computer world and we will never see that technology in an Apple product. LightScribe software has been around since 2004 when HP brought it to market. If you had a LightScribe-c...

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Steve Jobs kills off the CD on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken

It's no secret that Steve Jobs isn't a fan of the physical CD, preferring, of course, that his customers buy their music in his iTunes store. But what length is he willing to go to get rid of the CD for good? On the latest episode of Seth Green's grossly satirical stop-motion show Robot Chicken we ...

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Dear Apple: Tear out your optical drives

The only company that can make Apple's products look comparatively ugly is Apple. Take for example the new MacBook Air. Grab one of those babies, put it next to a current MacBook or MacBook Pro, and the bigger notebooks look like monstrosities. Now, I'm sure Apple will start to port many of the i...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Burn baby burn

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is iTunes slowly encouraging the death of CDs? The burn icon at the bottom of the interface has disappeared as you can see in this screen shot. Concerned, Your nephew Sean...

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Apple C&Ds Gawker over bounty on tablet info

Yesterday, as you might have heard, the blog Valleywag offered up a total of $100,000 in prize money for information on the rumored Apple tablet. They posted on their site that they were offering bounties for pictures, information, or eventually a full $100,000 for a hands on of the currently unann...

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A car stereo built for the King (of phones)

No, you didn't click on the wrong link. We haven't changed our name to The Unofficial Audio Weblog. "Why, then, is my beloved Apple-centric site doing a review of a car stereo?!" you're no doubt asking yourself. 'Cause this thing rocks your iPhone like you've never heard before! Sony was nice ...

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Mac 101: How to check the speed of your CD/DVD burner

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice users. Every so often, stumbling around the Mac OS you find something clever and wish everyone knew it. As I was about to do a CD burn on my internal optical drive on my Mac Pro, I was wondering how fast that Apple stock drive was. Yes, I could have checke...

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Oxford English Dictionary back to the Mac

If you make your living with words, and some of us around here at TUAW do, then a good dictionary is what you need. The mother of all dictionaries, the Oxford, is now available for Macs (PPC and Intel) on CD with half a million words, and the ability to trace word usage through more than 2 million ...

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Migration DVD and CD Sharing update available

Apple has released Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update 1.1. While Software Update states that the update is recommended for all users, the support page lists the MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) as the affected machines. According to Apple, this update ".....

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TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter Part 4

Conclusion Reviewer Rating: 3 out of 5 possible Should you buy one? If you need to do a lot of CD/DVD labeling and money isn't an object, yes. However, if you need a new printer anyway, the HP Photosmart C5280 all-in-one gives you a disc and paper printer, copier, scanner, and more, all in one box ...

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TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter

I have a mountain of CDs and DVDs in my office. Some of them are in sleeves, others are stacked on spindles. For the most part, my disc labeling consists of grabbing a Sharpie ultra-fine-point marker and scrawling something right on the top of the disc. I've tried sticky labels before, but stopped a...

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TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter Part 3

Software (continued) Likewise, trying to pick the "TUAW Green" for the text on the label, I thoroughly expected to see the standard Apple color picker so I could use the little magnifier tool to go for the green. No such luck. I finally figured out that I could option-click one of the custom colors ...

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TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter Part 2

Size, Installation, and Setup (continued) The DiscPainter comes with a Mac OS X / Windows installation CD that installs drivers and Discus for Dymo, an application that helps you to the design the disc image. After plugging in the USB cable and restarting your Mac, the instructions take you through ...

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Moments before our Macworld 2008 interview with Paul Kafasis he told me about the unique way the demo CDs they were giving out worked. What's the main problem with software on CDs? Those apps are suspended in amber, frozen in time, and many other overused metaphors. The fine folks at Rogue Amoeba ma...

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Mac 101: Get that "stuck" disc out of your Mac

Welcome to another Mac 101 here at TUAW. Mac 101 is our recurring feature where we point out some tips and tricks for folks new to the Mac. Remember, if you're a Mac expert this post isn't for you. Have you ever tried to unmount a disc in Mac OS X, but it simply wouldn't come out of your Mac's drive...

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