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Follow updates from only celebs you choose with Popeek

Popeek is a free app for iPhone that creates a personalized feed of Hollywood news tailored to you based on the celebrities you choose. When you select which people you're interested in, the app gathers links from Facebook and various news sources and puts them all in one place. It can even alert ...

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Apple: Treating celebs like regular folks since 1976

In my second celebrity-oriented post of the day, we'll explore how Apple treats stars like ... well, like regular people. According to a post on Fast Company, Apple is horrible to celebrities. You see, if you're a major sports figure or a top actress like Snooki, you don't really have to buy a lot...

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"Watch with eBay" iPad app lets viewers shop like stars, go broke

As if we don't get inundated with enough entreaties to spend while watching the boob tube, now eBay has joined the fray with a new iPad app. Watch with eBay (free) is designed to let fans find items that are for sale on eBay that are related to your favorite shows. For example, let's say you're wa...

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Live from the Red Carpet: E! Online mobile app relaunched for Oscars

Just in time for the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7th (when you should be participating in the TUAW Talkcast...), E! Entertainment has relaunched the popular E! Online mobile app. When we say popular, we mean it -- there are apparently over 1.4 million iPhone and Android users who enjoy their ...

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Spotting celebs with the iPhone

Obama and Lindsay Lohan are far from the only people rocking the iPhone lately -- a new site called "Coolspotters" claims to track brands and the celebrities that use them, and the iPhone is pretty cool lately. 32 celebrities have been spotted -- everyone from Mike Tyson to Heidi Klum to Rose McGowa...

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Celebrities and their Apple goodies

Recently, several of you tipped us on this video of US Senator Barak Obama quickly checking something on his iPhone (it happens around the 1:00 mark). It got us thinking of our favorite celebrity Apple product sightings. Back in July of 2006, it was reported that Pope Benedict XVI had received a...

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The answers to our Mac celebs quiz

Well, we're impressed! You all did very well with our Mac Celebrity quiz. Here are the official answers: Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, designer of Apple and Apple || Guy Kawasaki, Macintosh evangelist Gil Amelio, one-time CEO of Apple. Let's just move on to #4, shall we? Jonathan Iv...

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Mac-wielding celebrities

ifoAppleStore is pointing to a great Flickr find today: A (blurry) snapshot of John Stewart bringing his iMac into the SoHo Genius Bar for service (how he managed to get an appointment there I'll never know). The picture reminded me of these shots of John Krasinski from NBC's The Office checking out...

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