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Sex Criminals #2 still under review by Apple, ComiXology helps fans with work around

Comics books aren't just for kids, and the sometimes adult content is putting Apple's content standards to the test. Last year there was a bit of a dustup over Brian K. Vaughan's Saga issue 12 being unavailable for purchase from the ComiXology app. Initially it looked like Apple was behind the ban...

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Joyful Executions gets death penalty from the App Store for "excessively objectionable content"

Apple runs the App Store with an incredibly strict set of guidelines. No pornographic, explicit, crude or otherwise objectionable content is allowed. Apparently that includes satire. In keeping with the company's move this past January rejecting Endgame: Syria Apple has blocked a new game called J...

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Apple pulls another app in China selling 'forbidden content'

The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has pulled the "jingdian shucheng" app from the Chinese App Store since the app provided access to three books by banned author Wang Lixiong. The free app is still available in all other App Stores. Wang told the Financial Times that he believed the d...

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Apple uses HTTPS in China, thwarts censors

Intentionally or not, Apple has made a switch to the hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) Internet communications protocol for the App Store. By doing so, the company has made it impossible for censors in China to block users from searching for certain types of apps. Before the change, ...

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Apple apparently censoring the word "jailbreak" in US iTunes Store (Updated)

Update: TNW reports this has been fixed. Did Apple hire a bunch of temps lately? Developers, musicians, and probably any other content provider in the U.S. iTunes Store have a new Apple policy to deal with this morning; you apparently can't use the term "jailbreak" in a product description or...

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Apple rejects iBook with links to Amazon's store

This is just one specific case out of the many, many organizations and individuals publishing content on Apple's iBookstore, but it's an interesting call by Apple nevertheless. Seth Godin tried to publish a book of his through Apple's iBooks, but the content was rejected by Apple's system. Not bec...

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MobileMe webmail balks at political bulk mailings

Unfortunately, as originally reported by John Brownlee at Cult of Mac, it looks like Apple may be filtering out emails sent from the online MobileMe client based on content. The story is that a user was trying to send an email mentioning "Authoritarian Oppressive Regimes," and when sent, those ...

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Danish newspaper protests App Store censorship

According to The Mac Observer, Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet isn't too happy with Apple's App Store policies regarding nudity. In a series of recently published editorials, the newspaper takes issue with Apple banning the Ekstra Bladet iPhone and iPad app because of their Page 9 Girl, a nude photog...

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Found Footage: Apple pulls iSlam Muhammad app

In what is sure to raise a ruckus, comedian / filmmaker / app developer Emery Emery recorded a phone call with an Apple App Store rep when his iSlam Muhammad app was pulled from the App Store after one day. The highly entertaining conversation in its entirety can be heard by watching the "video" ...

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Apple, censorship, and cogs in the wheel: the Dalai Lama is expunged from Chinese App Store

It's being reported by PC World that Apple has begun censoring iPhone applications that contain any reference to the Dalai Lama in the Chinese App Store. At least five applications that contain references to the Dalai Lama have been banned: three of the apps – Dalai Quotes [$.99, iTunes], Dala...

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iPhone may debut in Chinese market by early 2010, sans Wi-Fi

Two reports from Friday indicate that the iPhone will soon make it to market in China, although the Communist government wants to make sure that users aren't free to use their newly-acquired Apple goodness to criticize official policies. Gizmodo published an unconfirmed report that China Unicom may ...

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Eucalyptus for iPhone gets a new lease on life

Eucalyptus [App Store] has been finally allowed to appear in the App Store after being rejected by Apple. The e-book reader for the iPhone and iPod touch was rejected because a person could get sexually oriented books like the Kama Sutra, even though the book is in the public domain and freely avail...

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