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Leopard killed these freeware apps?

Here's an interesting list of applications supposedly killed by Leopard. There's no question that there's a huge amount of functionality in Leopard that was taken care of in Tiger by third-party apps (and this is just a list of freeware-- commenters pointed out last week that Jisho was made almost...

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CenterStage open source media center updates, offers preview of future interface

The Mac media center market is heating up lately, with a healthy collection of competitors to Apple's Front Row offering unique features and different UI experiences. This is great news for anyone who wants to turn an older Mac into a media center, or if Front Row simply doesn't float your boat. ...

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Standup and Disko iPod case from Griffin

The good folks at Griffin Technology are all about iPod accessories, and they are ramping up their product line for the holiday season. The Disko (pictured) and the centerstage are the two newest cases for your iPod. The Disko answers the question, 'Is there a way to make this elegant iPod look gaud...

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Back/Center Stage 0.6 released

CenterStage and BackStage make up a dynamic duo which gives FrontRow a run for its money. The free software suite reached version 0.6 today, bringing with it some exciting new features and Intel support. Media management app BackStage got madeover with a new unified UI, while FrontRow-esque componen...

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