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Daily iPhone App: Infinity Blade 2

Yes, it's out. Go get it right now. Oh, you're still here? Well then I guess I'll tell you that Infinity Blade is even bigger and better than before. There are now multiple classes and play styles, including dual wield and two-handed in addition to the standard sword-and-board hack and slash ...

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Infinity Blade II previewed, has bigger world, more enemies, and new gear features

With the launch of Infinity Blade II just a few short weeks away, Chair has shown the game off to IGN Wireless, and they report that it looks terrific. The game mostly follows in the path of the first title, with the player having to navigate a path over and over while upgrading their equipment...

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Epic Games announces Infinity Blade 2, coming 12/1 on iPhone 4S

Mike Capp from Epic Games has taken the stage at Apple's iPhone event in Cupertino today to show off Infinity Blade 2, the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular games on iOS (a game, incidentally, that Epic says it's made $20 million from already). The new game will reportedly take full ad...

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DeNA bringing Infinity Blade X to Japan's Mobage platform

DeNA's been on the iOS hunt for about a year now -- I saw them at GDC Online last fall asking developers to create games for their Mobage mobile platform in Japan, and then they outright purchased popular iOS developer ngmoco not long after that. Now they've put together plans to bring another ...

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Infinity Blade: Arena coming out May 19

The long-awaited multiplayer update to Epic Games' iOS hit Infinity Blade has finally been revealed, and it will be landing on the App Store later on this week. The update is called Infinity Blade: Arena, and it allows players to play as a Titan or a Knight, battling against their friends. The ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Infinity Blade

Odds are that you already know what Infinity Blade is, and you might already have it on your iOS devices, too. But just in case you don't, we're spotlighting one of the best iOS games of last year, which happens to be available on the App Store right now for the sale price of US$2.99 -- for t...

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Chill out with the iPhone-powered massage chair

We've seen an iPhone-controlled R2-D2, a quadricopter, a dog treat dispenser, a tank, and even an iPhone-controlled soda machine. But c'mon people, let's get a little more practical here -- let's hook it up to a massage chair. That's exactly what Human Touch did with the HT-9500. For just US$4,999,...

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