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Big updates for Fairway Solitaire and Junk Jack

Two of my favorite iOS games from the last few years have gotten big updates today. Fairway Solitaire is a really brilliant puzzle/card game that combines golf and solitaire in a fun way, and it's gotten a big update that adds a whole bunch of ongoing content. The game now has a "Daily Mode" wh...

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German appeals court lets Motorola to continue push notification patent against Apple

Germany has been the site of quite a few patent battles between Motorola and Apple in the past, and there's another crater on the landscape over there: One of the High Regional Courts in that country has made a decision on Motorola's ongoing challenge against Apple over push notifications, sayi...

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Brooklyn filmmaker working on app to help prevent sexual assault

When it comes to creating innovative apps to address municipal, environmental or social issues, the answer increasingly comes down to crowdsourcing. The public problem-solving site ChallengePost serves as a platform for innovative ideas from developers, working in areas as varied as the NYC sub...

Continue Reading's 20 iPads arrive at D7 Consulting

A few months back, launched its effort to deliver 20 brand new iPads to a business that could make use of Apple's tablet and the cloud sharing service in an innovative and interesting way. eventually chose D7 Consulting, a construction consulting company in Newport Beach, California...

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TUAW's Daily App: Theseus

Theseus isn't for everyone -- it's a little slower-paced and more thoughtful than a lot of apps in the store, and the puzzles included get hard fast. But if you're looking for a challenge and a little bit of brain-teasing on your iPhone, Theseus will provide just that. It's a puzzle game based on th...

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Namco's iPhone division considering... Tekken?

Actually, I'd play that. Namco recently announced that they were forming an Apple Games division to head up game development for Apple platforms like the iPhone, and in this interview, a producer for them who used to work for Apple says that they're excited to work on bringing great games to the h...

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THQ Wireless releases Chop Sushi to the App Store

Chop Sushi is a brand new game from our friends at THQ in the App Store that combines a love of the Japanese raw fish dish with an interesting twist on the kind of gem-matching battle gameplay that Puzzle Quest made famous (and addictive) a few years ago. It's still a matching game, except you're ma...

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The notMac Challenge - make a free .Mac replacement, earn lots of cash

This is interesting. It's a challenge to produce a replacement for Apple's .Mac online services inspired by the contest earlier this year to boot Windows on the first Intel Macs (this was before Boot Camp for those of you who weren't around then). Apparently this guy Kent has decided that enough is ...

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Jim Thompson adds second MacBook to Gruber's Wi-Fi hack challenge

Maynor and Elich's rewards just doubled, though the odds remain the same: Jim Thompson, a blogger who has been doing a knock-out job of dissecting this MacBook Wi-Fi hack fiasco, has offered a second MacBook on top of John Gruber's challenge to the dynamic duo. After all, what are two guys going to ...

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John Gruber issues open challenge to MacBook Wi-Fi hackers

Oh it's on now: criticism of the MacBook Wi-Fi hack has been mounting against the original hackers (David Maynor and Jon Ellch) and SecureWorks, while they have remained mostly silent. At least one passionate blogger has been defending the hack and the original statements, but John Gruber has issued...

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