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Bug in CoreText allows a string of characters to crash apps

A serious bug has been uncovered in Apple's CoreText layout engine, which is responsible for laying out text in applications that make use of the Cocoa framework on OS X and iOS systems. The bug causes any app relying on CoreText to crash when a specific string of Arabic characters is displayed, m...

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Linden Lab releases Versu, an interactive fiction system for iPad

Linden Lab is best known for putting together the old social MMO Second Life, but more recently the company has been getting involved in tablet development, releasing its first iPad app last year. Today, Linden has released another app, and like Creatorverse and Second Life, this app is more of...

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'Borderlands Legends' for iOS leaks ahead of release

Borderlands is a popular console shooter title that was recently followed up with a sequel on Xbox 360 and PS3, and it appears Gearbox, the company behind the game, isn't done yet. Plans have leaked out for a game called Borderlands Legends, coming to mobile platforms soon (and specifically iOS...

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Pocket Planes gets a trailer, looks great

I first saw Pocket Planes, Nimblebit's next freemium title, running at GDC earlier this year. Being a huge fan of both Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower, I can't wait to see it in action on my iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the game's not out yet (it's still "coming soon"), but Nimblebit has release...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Battle Slugs

Battle Slugs is essentially a stylized version of the old Chinese game Go. You start with two different colors of playing pieces which jump around the board in different ways. Jump one space to produce a cloned slug or two spaces to move the slug you're controlling. When you land next to a piec...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: swackett

Most weather apps display weather as you might expect with temperature and weather symbols. Swackett, a free (ad-supported) weather app from the Mac App Store, bucks the trend with cute cartoons of people showing the current and forecasted conditions. A "different kind of weather app," swacke...

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More Angry Birds costumes (and a cake)

As requested, TUAW reader Amy sent us pictures of these homemade costumes designed to look like the characters in Angry Birds. You can browse through all of them in the gallery below -- again, I'm partial to the pig, but that bird looks pretty good as well. Reader Sheldon also dressed up as an Angr...

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Street Fighter for iPhone adding new character for free

Our friends over at Joystiq have uncovered some video of a brand new character coming to the Street Fighter for iPhone game from Capcom. Camy is going to bring her camouflaged legs to the fighting game, and she's coming for free -- Capcom is going to include the character in a soon-to-be-released...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Schramm's take

As you might imagine, my iPhone is more littered with games than useful stuff like Steve's or Victor's. Sure, I've got Twitterific and NetNewsWire, but my most-used apps are of the video game variety. The game that's most grabbed me so far is Aurora Feint. When it was first released, I didn't get mu...

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Italian company plans RPG for the iPhone

So the first generation of games and apps is in the iPhone's App Store, and as predicted, we've got more than our share of accelerometer races and the usual gaming standbys -- Tetris, poker, and even some nice tech demos like Andy Qua's Cube Runner. But now it's time to iterate and see if we can't s...

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Apple to include Chinese handwriting recognition in iPhone 2.0

One of our tipsters, Kenneth, pointed us to a Chinese web page (Google translation) showing what appears to be an iPhone running some sort of handwriting recognition geared especially for Chinese characters. According to the post, this is how Apple will integrate Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)...

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