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Apple staffer reportedly stole $16K worth of iPhones

When I worked in retail, I quickly learned all about "loss prevention," which is the program that most retailers undertake to try and (you guessed it) prevent loss or theft of product at whatever store they're running. Customer theft is obviously an issue anywhere you have merchandise sitting out ...

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Three more Apple Stores open their doors this Saturday

Last weekend, Apple opened three new Apple Stores. Apple plans on opening three more stores this Saturday, well on the way to opening a total of 30 new retail outlets between July and September. According to ifoAppleStore, two new stores will open in the U.S. and one in France. The "Natural S...

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Apple's North Carolina data center now visible on Google Earth

Apple's humongous data center in North Carolina is now visible on Google Earth and Google Maps satellite view. You can see the entire building and two roads leading in and out of the compound. Oddly, there is no space for on-site employee parking, at least not yet. An eagle-eyed reader picked o...

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Local TV station visits Apple's data center

A Fox affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina took a closer look at Apple's new data center in the town of Maiden. The news story and accompanying video is rife with speculation about the intended usage of this 500,000 square-foot building. Once you get past the references for Apple's supposed "...

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iPhone 4 launch: Line photos from Charlotte, NC

Reader David Platt is waiting in line for an iPhone 4 like so many others this morning. He sent in some photos from the South Park Apple Store in Charlotte, North Carolina. David tells us that he arrived in line at 5:30 AM and found "...a little under 1,000 people in line." Wow. When you lo...

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Guest post: Setting up an AT&T MicroCell with Murphy Mac

Editor's Note: We welcome guest poster Murphy Mac, a long-time friend of the site who shared with us his experience of setting up one of the new femtocell AT&T repeaters that promise to improve reception for well-heeled iPhone users... or will they? Good times for Charlotte, North Carolina: Firs...

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Charlotte, Spotlight for the Web

If you like Spotlight, and you like searching the web then have I got the app for you! Charlotte, which bills itself as Spotlight for the Web, is a desktop application that let's you search Yahoo! with a very Spotlightesque interface. Best of all it is free! Charlotte is available now and requires O...

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