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Chartcube turns spreadsheets into stories and conversations

Spreadsheets are invaluable tools for sharing, explaining, and quantifying information, but they're a pain to present to other people. If you want to share data from an Excel document during a presentation, you usually have to cut and paste charts from Excel into Powerpoint, which limits exactly ...

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How the iPad and iPhone shift reading habits

Read It Later is an Instapaper-style platform for saving and tracking various things to read online, and they recently released some interesting information about iPad and iPhone reading over on their blog. The line for when people save articles is pretty constant no matter what hour of the day you...

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Auto-updating charts with Numbers and Keynote

If you find yourself making the charts for your presentations in Numbers and would like an easy way to update them, the chart updating feature in Keynote does just that. With a simple click, your chart in Keynote is updated to reflect changes made in your Numbers spreadsheet. This feature requires ...

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App Store algorithms down and back up, probably tweaked

Regular users may not have noticed this, but I'm sure developers have -- the App Store's charts have been in a freeze for the past few days, leaving apps in exactly the same positions as they were last Thursday. That might not seem like too big a deal, but for many developers, the App Store charts a...

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Trainyard's tale on the App Store

About four days ago, I was sitting in a waiting room about to board a train. Bored, and a little restless, I pulled out my iPhone 3G to take a look at the App Store and see if there was anything new that I could download to kill some time. Recently, I'd almost given up on visiting the App Store. Wit...

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Paid apps do better in the charts than free ones

Recently, we've seen a big trend of apps on the App Store going free because free apps tend to garner more attention and downloads (and in-app purchases mean that there's still a possibility of making a profit down the line). However, it turns out that there is one benefit of sticking with a paid ap...

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What to do when your Numbers' charts don't paste correctly

The iWork suite of apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) play nice with each other -- for the most part. Objects such as shapes, text boxes and tables created in one app can easily be copied and pasted onto another and retain their styles. Even an image with an instant alpha filter applied will retain ...

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Apple market share drops slightly in the past year

Don't look now, but Apple's slow market share incline may have just turned into a slow decline. Not only does a new report by research and advisory company Gartner, Inc say that Apple's market share in the US slipped just a little bit over the past year (from 7.5), but that as you can see above, t...

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The iPhone's camera jumping up in the Flickr ratings

This makes sense when you think about it, but it just seems really wild to me: in the list of Flickr's most popular cameras (compiled from the metadata attached to any photos that upload to the popular site), our favorite cell phone is climbing up the ranks. In fact, it had just recently overtaken...

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XMind goes open source

XMind -- a powerful, Java-based mind mapping and charting application -- has been open-sourced (it's free!) with version 3.0. While it's not my absolute top pick for mind mapping, it ranks up there. I did have a license for the paid version, and I can tell you that it packs plenty of punch. It has ...

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Microsoft copied the only iPod they could

John Gruber has penned an interesting observation of how Microsoft might very well have missed the mark from the get-go when they made the strange decision to take on the iPod and iTunes. Since the player's initial wiz-bang sales period is essentially over (as in: it more or less set a decent sales ...

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iWork 06 "v2" updates

Updates for Keynote 3 and Pages 2 (iWork 06 versions) are available from Software Update. Oddly, they aren't point versions - they're "v2" of the updates Apple released just last week, and they're pretty large. Also, they both have the same description as last week's updates. Keynote: &qu...

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iTunes Music Store global charts available

Are you curious about the top album on iTunes in Japan? The most popular single in the UK? Switzerland? Then check out this page on Apple's site, which tracks the top tunes in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and fifteen other countries. It could be a fun way to discover some new music.[Via Th...

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