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TUAW Live: Talkcast Thursday 8/2 9:30p ET

If you've listened to any of the TUAW podcasts, you already know what your friendly neighborhood bloggers sound like... but we have no idea what you sound like. That's about to change: announcing the first-ever live audio chatcast from TUAW, via the Talkshoe platform, tomorrow, Thursday 8/2, at 9:30...

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TUAW Chatcast for It's Showtime special event

Here we go boys and girls with another TUAW chatcast for today's It's Showtime event. We'll be updating this post with a word-for-word transcript of our chatroom so you can peer into the minds of the TUAW bloggers in real time! Read on for the transcript, and we'll update it as quickly as we can. Be...

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TUAW Chatcast Coverage of the WWDC keynote

Due to popular demand (seriously, check it out) we will be doing a chat cast as well as normal coverage of the Keynote. Check back to this post for the Chatcast, as soon as we start it. And so it begins, click on through for the details. Another Chatcast is over, and fun was had by all....

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TUAW Reader Discussion on Grokster and Google Video

Every so often, now that we have a chatroom, I'm going to have little impromptu chatcasts with readers on different tech topics that affect the Mac community. This time around we talked about the Grokster decision, the RIAA, the MPAA, and Google's new video playback capabilities and their lack of a ...

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TUAW's Tired Tuesday Afternoon Chatcast

Scott and I became bored and lonely this afternoon with nary a sign of our fellow TUAWers, so we decided to have a chatcast. It's largely rambling and unstructured, so it may bore you to tears. We discuss the new PowerBook rumors, Tiger's new Dictionary and Thesaurus, iChatAV, Xsan update, and Scott...

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