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Redeye mini puts ThinkFlood's IR transmitter in a smaller, cheaper package

ThinkFlood released the Redeye in December of last year, which is a little unit that hooks up to your iPhone and, working with a separate app, turns Apple's handheld into universal IR remote. Our own Brett Terpstra liked the device, but said the unit was a little costly and could probably use a few...

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iSuppli estimates the iPhone 3GS costs $179 to make

Did you know that after it is broken down into all of its composite metals and materials and parts, your human body is really only worth about $4.50? Yup, you're cheap in the broadest sense -- all of that oxygen, magnesium, iron, and sodium isn't actually worth all that much in the rare metals marke...

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Rumor: Budget iPhone model expected, says FT.com

If the promise of a new, faster and video-editing enabled iPhone isn't enough to make you block out time for Monday's WWDC keynote on your calendar, check out the Financial Times report that revitalizes rumors of a new lower-priced iPhone model (iPhone mini? iPhone nano?) said to be ready for announ...

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