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iPhone-powered scan-and-go checkout system at Walmart being tested

Walmart may be working on a self-pay checkout system that uses the Apple iPhone, says a report in Reuters. A survey on Survey Monkey suggests Walmart employees are testing the system at a store in Rogers, Ark. In this self-pay system, customers would scan items with their iPhones while they sho...

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Facebook acquires Mac development house for design talent

Facebook has just bought Dutch Mac development house Sofa, according to a company blog post. In the Mac world, Sofa is best known for four of the Mac apps that it makes: Kaleidoscope, Versions, Checkout and Enstore. However, Facebook's acquisition of Sofa had nothing to do with the Mac apps -- ...

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Apple patents on-phone shopping list, e-checkout

Apple has patented the idea of using a mobile device "to acquire pricing information for a shopping list of products," which basically sounds like an official version of SnapTell Explorer -- point the camera at something and then get a list of available prices for it. But this patent goes a step bey...

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TUAW Review: Checkout, top notch Point of Sale software for Mac

I had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Checkout: an excellent Point of Sale application for the Mac. I've been working with the app for several weeks now and have been thoroughly impressed by it, especially after the developers shared their perspectives. Many thanks to Ed and Dirk for w...

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Checkout - point of sale for Mac (beta)

Jasper Hauser and company have been busy, as Disco isn't the only thing pot on their oven. Behold: Checkout, a point of sale app (in beta) for store owners running Mac OS X. Boasting a 15 minute learning curve, Checkout has an impressive lineup of features, like: Interoperability - "export anyt...

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