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Apple reportedly leaves Samsung for A6 production

Apple may drop Samsung and switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for the production of its next generation A6 chipset. The Cupertino Company is reportedly working with TSMC to move to a 28 nm ARM SoC in 2012. Rumors of this TSMC partnership surfaced earlier this year befor...

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Apple helping to shape Intel's future

Intel Senior Vice president Tom Kilroy revealed that Intel is working closely with Apple on future products. This relationship is so cozy that Kilroy claims Apple even "helps shape our roadmap." Apple is an attractive customer for Intel as the Cupertino company is often regarded as forward-thinki...

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Apple confirms LTE iPhone is at least one generation away

During its earnings conference call, Apple re-confirmed it is not adopting the current generation of LTE chipsets in its iPhone handsets. According to Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, Apple would have to redesign the iPhone to accommodate the first generation LTE chipsets used in smartphones, su...

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Apple selects Taiwan's TSMC to produce its A5 chip

Apple is reported to have inked a deal with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to produce the A5 dual-core chip for the iPad 2, in a substantial blow to former producer Samsung. TSMC was apparently chosen over Samsung because tests showed it was consistently producing the chips more efficiently...

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Apple rumored not to renew contract with NVIDIA for graphics chips

The relationship between Apple and NVIDIA, the manufacturer of the graphics chips in most Macs for quite some time now, appears to be souring at an exponential rate. Electronista reports that negotiations between the two companies to continue their business relationship are not going well, with Ap...

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Rumor: Nvidia-powered MacBooks on October 14th

TUAW is hearing from various sources that new MacBooks are right around the corner, and that they might even have some extra Nvidia power in them. A source tells us that Nvidia is showing off new MacBooks to their employees, and word is going around that the new versions will be released as soon a...

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TUAW Desktop of the Week

This week's TUAW Desktop hails from Flickr user form953, who has managed to turn both Dashboard and the Dock more or less Inside Out. The iStat pro widget is running in Development Mode, which is what allows it to live on the Desktop, separate from the Dashboard. I'm not entirely sure how form953...

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