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Chitika labs estimates that over one million iPads have been sold

On April 8th, just six days after the iPad went on sale, we ran a post writing that Chitika Labs (who had been tracking iPad sales by counting cookies of new iPads hitting the Internet) claimed that Apple had sold 564,257 units. The method used is admittedly not the best of all possible metrics, bu...

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Chitika tracking iPad purchases, estimates 560K so far

Want to know how many iPads have really been bought? It may not be the ideal methodology, but at least ad network Chitika can explain where its numbers are coming from: the company is watching for ad loads from unique instances of Mobile Safari (each one representing a newly unpacked iPad browsin...

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Survey: 45% of iPod touch users running old firmware

Chitika Research, a company that helps deliver online advertising, has released numbers from its network that claim 45% of iPod touch users still haven't upgraded to the iPhone 3.x firmware. Only 55% of the users measured have paid the cash to upgrade to the latest version (because of accounting re...

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