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No Comment: Windows Phone Dictionary app icon seems eerily familiar

Who really thinks about designing a dictionary icon? They all look alike, after all, so what would be the point of creating a brand new one for your Windows Phone third-party app? Better just to pick up the one everyone likes so well and use that. Yes, as Craig Hockenberry pointed out this morn...

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Live chat tomorrow: Application Development for the (mythical) Apple Tablet

From a developer's point of view, what do these rumors mean? Is it enough to assume that App Store products will "just work" out of the box on a new device class? Will adherence to Apple's resolution independence design principles allow well-built iPhone applications to adapt to new window sizes? Or...

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Hockenberry, Maheux respond in exclusive TUAW talkcast interview

On last night's talkcast, the Iconfactory's Gedeon Maheux and Craig Hockenberry joined us to discuss their concerns with the App Store, and they noted that Friday's layout changes are a step in the right direction. "It's another of many steps that Apple's making to make the iTunes infrastructure wo...

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TUAW Memewatch: iPhone developers irked over still-active NDA

On July 11, the iPhone SDK emerged from beta sparkling with dew. Trumpets sounded and a few frolicking nymphs danced in joy. The dawn shone bright, the sky offered the blue promise of a new day. And there in the meadow of newly released products stood a mass of grumpy developers shouting: "What abo...

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