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Edible iPhone birthday cake

And you thought that store-bought $10 cake you got for your birthday was cool. Sure to be the envy of Apple fanboys everywhere, Chris Samuels -- an independent iPhone and iPad developer -- received this detailed iPhone cake for his birthday from his wife Cath. Everything on (and inside) the cake is...

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Chocolate covered iPad looks tasty

Your wife loves chocolate, and you know she's been eying that 1.5+ lb. bar at the local Trader Joe's like a lion does a gazelle. She's also a massive Apple fan who's been dying for a shiny new iPad for months. Birthday time: the bar, or the iPad? If you're a cheap SOB, you get the bar and call i...

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iChocolates: Edible apps for you

If you like chocolate, have US$46, and always wanted to eat those app icons on your iPhone, iChocolates are for you. iChocolates consist of twenty pieces of gourmet chocolate, crafted after the icons of iPhone apps and arranged in an iPhone-like package. Each individual chocolate app is made of ...

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Finder icon birthday cake will make your day

If there's one thing I like better than pie, it's cake. And if there's a best kind of cake, it's definitely one that's shaped in the form of something geeky. Which means the video above, which shows what seems to be a tasty confection in the form of Apple's Finder icon, hits the spot perfectly. Da...

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Best Buy offers last second Nano + Chocolate gift set for Mom

Face it. It's nearly Mother's day. If you're desperate for a present that says "I love you Mom" and you've got lots of money to spend, consider this Best Buy exclusive. For only $205, you get a 4GB iPod Nano with a gift box and chocolate. It's an in-store item only, so you'll have to actually go ov...

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