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Apple posts iTunes Rewind 2011, chooses App Store favorites for the year

Apple has posted its iTunes Rewind 2011 page, where it has spotlighted the best and most popular content on the App Store. Singer Adele has won Apple's best artist of the year, while the Foo Fighters picked up the spot for best album on the store. Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recrea...

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Should the ESRB be on the App Store?

Here's an interesting topic of discussion from Slide to Play: Now that Apple seems to be going all-in on gaming with its Game Center app, should the Entertainment Software Ratings Board start looking at App Store games? The ESRB is the self-regulatory industry group that's responsible for passin...

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Best iPhone games of the year picks start to roll in

Gamasutra wins the award for being the first (that I've seen) to pick awards for their best five iPhone games of the year, and the list is respectable, if a little short for such a huge set of possibility. Unfortunately, they don't win any TUAW points for going with Skee-Ball over our preferred Ram...

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