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Ask TUAW: iPhone alerts, Migration Assistant, annoying coworkers and more

Welcome to this week's edition of Ask TUAW. As you probably know from last week's column, Mat Lu, your favorite TUAW answer-man, is on vacation and this week I'm here to try and fill his very large shoes. We'll see how that goes but I feel optimistic. Remember, if you want to ask us a question here ...

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Consumer Reports on iPhone as a Phone

One of the most important things to think about when considering any new cell phone purchase is how well the device in question functions as a phone. Whatever other cool features it may have going for it: Internet access, sms, music and video playback or a camera, you will probably still want to mak...

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Apple Sells Half a Million iPhones in the First Weekend

The first numbers are in and it looks pretty good for Steve Jobs, Apple, and the iPhone. According to market research firm Piper Jaffray, Apple sold about 500,000 iPhones from 6 p.m. on Friday through end of business Sunday night -- 300,000 more than the market research firm originally estimated the...

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My Date With iPhone

My soon-to-be date with the iPhone began innocently enough with the wanting. Then, obsession began to set in. Now that I'm actually in line, as of Noon Pacific time, waiting patiently at the Sherman Oaks, CA Apple store and "borrowing" a steaming cup of wi-fi, I can say my date has definitely begun ...

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Moving your Parallels virtual machine to another Mac

Recently, I decided it was time to do a clean install of OSX on my current primary home Mac -- a 20" Intel Core Duo iMac named Phoenix. Ordinarily, when I first get a new Mac, I usually wipe it completely and start over with a fresh install, putting in only the things I want -- but for some reason n...

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Why the iPhone Will Fail

With all the mostly glowing and semi-glowing reviews starting to come in about the iPhone, I thought it might be interesting to read and provide to you a little counter perspective. Not that reading this article at Suckbusters gave me much reason to doubt my love for all-things iPhone, but its still...

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The Leopard Roadmap

With all the hype surrounding a little device known as the iPhone, its sometimes easy to forget that Apple actually makes some other stuff too -- including a world-class operating system now currently known as OS X Tiger version 10.4.10. And unless you've come to the Apple fold only for the iPhone, ...

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iPhone Crowd Control

So, any of you as hyped up and anxious to get their hands on a iPhone as I am? Well, if you're reading this I'm guessing you probably are. For those of you who are counting the moments until that sleek, shiny block of touch-screen goodness is actually in your hands, I have a word of warning for you ...

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