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Rare Apple I sold for $387,750 in online Christie's auction

Late last month, Christie's kicked off an auction for a rare Apple I computer with its original manual, schematics and a photo of the two Steves. The online-only auction ended today at a lower-than-expected US$387,750, according to a press release from Christie's. Pre-auction estimates suggested...

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Christie's launches First Bytes auction featuring rare pieces of Apple history

If you've got access to hundreds of thousands of dollars and a knack for collecting Apple artifacts you're in luck. World famous auction house Christie's has launched an online-only listing of ten lots featuring rare and "iconic technology from the twentieth century," the majority of it...

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Apple 1 fails to sell at auction

Christie's auctioned off an original Apple 1 motherboard this week and the piece of Apple history failed to garner enough bids to reach its reserve price. According to an ABC News report, the Apple 1 had a top bid of £32,000 (US$51,155), which is well below the £50,000 ($80,000)...

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Rare Apple I to be sold at auction

Another piece of Apple history is headed to the auction block later this year. According to a report in Computer World, an original Apple I computer will be offered at a Christie's auction that will be held October 9 in London, England. The Apple I belonged to former Apple employee Joe Copson,...

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Apple I sells for $210K at Christie's auction in London

One of the first Apple computers ever made, the Apple I, has been sold at a Christie's auction in London on Tuesday. The Apple I, one of only 200 of its kind to have been made, was won by the Italian businessman and private collector Marco Boglione for $210,000. The Apple I was released in 1976...

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Apple-1 computer going on auction at Christie's in London

One of the original Apple-1 computers -- that's right, the wood-encased PCs that Steves Jobs and Wozniak built in the garage all those years ago -- is going up for auction at Christie's in London. There were only about 200 sold back in 1976 (for $666.66, of course) and only a few still left around...

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