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Chrome extension removes the '' from  Watch and  Pay

Bothered by the unicode Apple logo appearing all over the web thanks to Apple's new  Watch smartwatch and  Pay mobile payments service? Then you need to check out this Chrome extension "ItsCalledAppleWatch." Created by Matt Faluotico, the extension replaces every instance of the unicode symbol ...

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Google releases 64-bit beta version of Chrome for Mac

Following the successful release of 64-bit Chrome for Windows earlier this week, Google has announced that it is bringing 64-bit support to Mac users through the Chrome beta channel. The new 64-bit version takes advantage of OS X's 64-bit architecture, offering performance and security improvemen...

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Google Chrome for iOS updated with Translate, reduce-data usage features and iOS-exclusive new page tab

Google's recently announced update to Chrome for iOS is now available and brings along several previously unrevealed features. Users are now able to use Google Translate on their mobile devices to view pages written in other languages and access increased security when visiting potentially dangerous...

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Chrome for iOS to get improved security, data compression and Google Translate in its next update

Google has announced the latest update of Chrome for iOS, and users are getting a veritable Christmas morning's worth of security and data features. On the security front, the company is bringing mobile users the Safe Browsing malware protection they've come to expect from the browser's desktop appl...

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Google releases Mac desktop Chrome App Launcher

Google has released Chrome Apps Launcher for Mac to the general public. Previously, the software was only available to beta testers. Chrome apps are dedicated apps that, thanks to the new Chrome App Launcher, live in your OS X Dock in an icon that has a bunch of colored squares in it. Click the ic...

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Chrome browser usage on iOS devices doubles in a year

A majority of iOS users use Apple's built-in Safari web browser to surf on their iPhones and iPads. However, Safari isn't the only web browser out there. Perhaps the most well-known alternative is Google's Chrome browser, which, while still holding a minuscule market share on iOS devices, has double...

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Chrome for iOS bug reveals private browsing history

Users of Chrome on iOS beware: the latest version of Google's mobile browser has a glaring security flaw in the form of a bug that reveals private browsing history (known as "Incognito" mode). The bug was first noticed by UK developer house Parallax: It appears that incognito mode in the iOS 7 v...

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Snoopy lets you examine websites with Mobile Safari

One of the weaknesses of mobile web browsers is the lack of a simple way to view a website's source information. Sure you could wait until you got home to examine how a site is built, but we live in the future. Waiting till we get home is very 2012. That's where Snoopy comes in. Snoopy is a boo...

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Apple releases Chrome and Firefox extensions for Windows for iCloud bookmark syncing

Apple has quietly released extensions for the Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers for Windows. The extensions allow Windows users to sync their Safari iOS bookmarks across the two browsers. Prior to the Firefox and Chrome extension release, iOS Safari bookmark syncing was limited to Windows Explorer...

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Google now offers some iOS users data compression in Chrome

Google has begun rolling out its Chrome data-compression feature to iOS users, reports TechCrunch. As the site notes, the feature is essentially a Google proxy that routes web requests through Google's servers. Once there, Google's PageSpeed libraries compress and optimize the content. Google says...

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Chrome for iOS updated with enhanced search options including pronoun support for voice

The last time Google updated Chrome for iOS, users got the ability to open links to YouTube and Maps directly in their respective apps instead of in the browser. Now the little browser that could has just received its latest upgrade, bringing with it new enhanced search options. These new search f...

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Google introduces Chrome app launcher for Mac

This past July, Google released a Chrome app launcher for Windows. Today, Mac users can finally get in on the fun, as Google has released a developer preview of the app launcher for Mac. The Chrome app launcher allows you to open your favorite Google apps like Gmail and Drive right from your dock....

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Help your Mac keep Chrome passwords safe

There's been a bit of controversy recently regarding the security of passwords saved within Google Chrome. While Google's head of browser security says it isn't a big deal, some users aren't comfortable with the level of security automatically provided by Chrome. If you're one of those people, you'...

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Are you an iOS developer eyeing the Chromecast? You better ask permission first

Yesterday's announcement of Google's new Chromecast accessory could mean big things for iOS developers who want to throw their content on to the big screen without worrying about wires, but tucked away in Google's developer portal is a rather interesting note regarding the Google Cast API required t...

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Google updates Chrome for iOS with linking to external apps, fullscreen iPad support

Following hot on the heels of today's update to Google Maps, Google has updated Chrome for iOS. The updated app features a number of enhancements including the option to open links to YouTube, Maps, G+ and Drive in those apps instead of in the Chrome browser; fullscreen support for the iPad; and e...

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