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Backups save the day after data loss

About 13GB of data was accidentally deleted from my account on my Mac yesterday. Fortunately, due to an aggressive backup system, I was able to recover all of the files. I was trying to test out a tip sent to the TUAW team, which led me to log into (and out of) the "Guest" account several times. One...

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Ask TUAW: Return to open, messed up Mighty Mouse, PDF alternatives, Boot Camp expansion, and more

It's time once again for Ask TUAW! For this round we take questions about cleaning a malfunctioning Mighty Mouse, opening files and applications with the return key, expanding a Boot Camp partition, finding alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, caring for your notebook battery, and more As always, your su...

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Ask TUAW: Open Firmware passwords, Desktop pictures, folder syncing and more

We've got a bumper crop in Ask TUAW this week! We tackle questions about about setting an Open Firmware password, changing Desktop pictures, folder syncing, external hard drives, video adapters, Palm/Mac personal finance packages and more. Let's keep it going! Please include your questions for next ...

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Ask TUAW: iPhone alerts, Migration Assistant, annoying coworkers and more

Welcome to this week's edition of Ask TUAW. As you probably know from last week's column, Mat Lu, your favorite TUAW answer-man, is on vacation and this week I'm here to try and fill his very large shoes. We'll see how that goes but I feel optimistic. Remember, if you want to ask us a question here ...

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Getting the most out of synching and backing up with ChronoSync

I picked up a license for Econ Technologies' ChronoSync a little while ago, as I didn't want an app like SuperDuper which simply backs up an entire machine. ChronoSync offers a ton of options for fine-tuning your backup operations and synchronizing a machine with a backup folder or even another Mac,...

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Ask TUAW: Open With, AFP, iTunes with cell phone, escaping iPhoto, and more

This week in Ask TUAW we'll be considering questions about the "Open With..." menu option, mounting drives over a local network, using iTunes with a cell phone, getting all your original photos out of iPhoto, and syncing files between a notebook and a desktop Mac. Remember new Mac users and Switcher...

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TUAW Tip: The easy way to backup on mount

Sometimes you have to suffer through the hard way once or twice just to find out... there's an easier way. I've posted recently about commercial backup applications that trigger a backup when you connect a target drive; I've posted on roll-your-own scripts that do the same thing. Over at MacOSXHint...

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Backup not all it's cracked up to be?

I don't rely on .Mac's Backup, but I tinker with it from time to time. It's never seemed to be the killer app to fit all my needs, but others in the Mac web who are more passionate and knowledgeable about backup software seem to be quite upset with it. In particular, Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch, Michae...

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