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iPhone reveals carrier logos

For those of you readers who have been curious, here is the canonical list of carrier logos installed directly on the iPhone. I know we've bandied about a bunch of carrier names here at TUAW. And, yes, it's easy enough for Apple to change its mind as negotiations go on and just do a software update ...

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Activation Video reveals some interesting details and... an 80GB iPhone?

Oh Apple, you're so sly with the way you slip in the useful (and sometimes bizarre) details with your iPhone demo videos. In the activation video posted today, more intricacies of what and how the iPhone synchs have been revealed with a walk-through of how to get one's iPhone set up at home with iTu...

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Rumor: Wireless downloads on the way - for the Zune

Engadget is reporting that a rumored firmware update to Microsoft's Zune DAP (Digital Audio Player) could usher in wireless downloads from their Zune Marketplace digital media store. No word yet on whether these would be all-you-can-eat subscription downloads or purchases made via the Zune Marketpla...

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iPhone anticipation continues to shake up cell market

We've already heard from some of the usual suspects on the "iPhone drag effect" that may be impacting sales and phone upgrades in advance of the June arrival of the iPhone; customers who would ordinarily be snapping up new smartphones and renewing two-year service agreements seem to be hedging. Now,...

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Apple sends out iPhone email

Ooh, the anticipation is mounting! When the iPhone was first introduced, I (and a few other TUAW bloggers) signed up to receive notification of the devices availability. Today, a few of us received the following email from Apple. It features an image of the phone, a link to the iPhone homepage and t...

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Cingular says June 11 is iPhone Day

My fellow Carnegie Mellon alum Declan McCullagh (go Tartans!) has a unique investigative style: when he wants to find out a product release date, he calls customer service and asks someone. Genius, I say! In this case, he called AT&T/Cingular and spoke to a sales manager who confirmed an on-sale...

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Still no iPhone provider in Europe

While Steve was quick to announce Cingular (or is it AT&T now? Who knows...) as the American carrier for the forthcoming iPhone, they're yet to line up a carrier in Europe. Market Watch is reporting today that Apple is actively courting providers, and may select Vodafone as their sole European i...

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Suggestion of iPhone savings

Reader Derek went to his local Cingular dealer to pick up a Blackberry Pearl last week. Upon examining his receipt, he found that it said, "iPhone 2 year agreement savings: $150.00" (you can see an image of the entire receipt at Derek's site). On one hand, it looks like the folks at Cingular need t...

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Apple posts WWAN Support Update 1.0

Earlier today, Apple posted WWAN Support Update 1.0 for Intel-based Mac portables. According to Apple, this update offers support for the following: Available on the Cingular network: Novatel Merlin XU870 ExpressCard (HSDPA) Available on the Sprint network: Novatel Wireless Merlin EX720 ...

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iPhone to cost only $300-400 with contract?

If the iPhone's prices of $500 and $600 with contract were a little too much for your wallet to stomach, you might take solace in some new info allegedly leaked from a Cingular AT&T consumer survey (Wait: do wallets really have stomachs?). Engadget has the details on the possibility of the iPh...

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How the iPhone might be sold unlocked

Loyal reader Sammual pointed us to this post from a "Cingular tier 2 call center tech" where he discusses his impressions of Cingular (not positive), Stan Sigman (ditto), and All Things Steve (big thumbs up). "Jolly Roger" presents the thesis, in a long but interesting diatribe, that the iPhone will...

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For some, iPhone could cost up to $1349

For everything the iPhone offers, $499 and $599 really is a killer deal. But what if you have to shell out up to $1349 to get your hands on Apple's revolutionary do-it-all mobile device? Nick Starr points out that Cingular still charges a deposit of up to $750 for some customers who have bad credit....

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Sign up to be notified for the iPhone release

If you don't mind throwing your e-mail address into a "please notify me form", Cingular has a new page that allows you to request notification when the iPhone becomes available. Of course, you can probably just read about the iPhone availability here at TUAW, but don't discount the thrill of openin...

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Last Apple Phone leak photo we promise

Rob Terrell posted what he thinks is a glimpse of the Apple iPod phone on his blog yesterday, from a Cingular TV ad. Since I have no credibility left on this front I'll let Rob and the picture speak for themselves: "That capture is from the very last shot in the [Cingular] ad.... the Cingular websit...

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Motorola SLVR with iTunes now available from Cingular

Motorola has unleashed the SLVR with iTunes for Cingular, a slim new candybar style phone that borrows from their runaway-hit RAZR design. As Engadget notes, it's selling for $199 (better than the ROKR's initial $249) with a 2-year contract, comes pre-installed with a 512 MB card and that oh-so-love...

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