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Cisco will launch free iPad, iPhone video app

Cisco is set to launch a free iPad and iPhone video app in late October, according to ComputerWorld. The free app will allow users of Cisco's Show and Share software to upload, view, and exchange videos with each other. Show and Share, which is currently available on some Android tablets, all...

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Cisco to shutter Flip camera line

Cisco has announced that it's shutting down the Flip video camera line, purchased a few years ago from Pure Digital for a whopping $590 million, for good. That's a shame -- while, of course, the iPod nano and the iPhone (and now the iPad 2) have carried video cameras of varying quality for a li...

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Confirmed: FaceTime for iPad 2 works with video out

This morning, fellow TUAW blogger Erica Sadun and I both played with the video out features of the new iPad 2. While Erica discovered that something is preventing her iPad 2 from working properly with the video mirroring function that is supposed to work with all of the various video adapters (...

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Apple, others lobby for tax holiday

Fortune is reporting that Apple is one of many major multinational corporations that are banding together to lobby the US government for a one-year "tax holiday" on foreign cash that is repatriated back to the country. At the present time, repatriated cash is taxed at a 35 percent rate. The compani...

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Ex-Apple, IBM exec Mark Papermaster lands at Cisco

Recently departed Apple Senior VP Mark Papermaster has landed a new gig, signing on with Cisco as vice president of the Silicon Switching Technology Group. Papermaster's resume includes time working on chip design for IBM as well as his brief tenure running the hardware engineering group at Apple. ...

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Cisco adds Security Intelligence Ops to iPhone portfolio

Despite some security-conscious enterprise experts pointing accusatory fingers at the rather bleak encryption story and only-recently fixed ActiveSync policy compliance on the iPhone platform, there's no doubt that IT and network professionals are grooving on the iPhone -- there are many apps design...

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Wireless problem was Cisco bug, not iPhone traffic, says Duke

As Dave noted on Friday, we expected to hear more from Duke on the iPhone-killed-our-network story, and we did -- on Friday the university released a statement that identified the problem, now resolved, as "a Cisco-based network issue" which has now been patched. The iPhone has been fully exonerated...

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Shimo 1.0

VPNs are a staple of corporate life nowadays. They create a secure connection from your computer to your company's computers using a 'Virtual Private Network.' This allows you to access company documents via public networks in a secure fashion. Cisco is a big player in the VPN market, and luckily fo...

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Apple and Cisco Settle over iPhone

MacNN is reporting that Apple and Cisco have reached an agreement over the use of the "iPhone" brand. As we previously mentioned, Cisco had sued Apple following the Macworld announcement claiming to hold the US trademark, though Cisco later granted several extensions to allow time to finish negotiat...

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Engadget begins iPhone litigation crash course series: part 1 - trademarks

The litigation biz is a messy and complex one, which is why I'm thankful Engadget has rounded up law student members from the Columbia Science & Technology Law Review for a primer series covering the ins and outs of the potentially ensuing Apple/Cisco litigation. This first part covers trademark...

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Apple and Cisco put iPhone lawsuit on hold to talk things over

It's good to see two major putting down legal weapons of trademark war and setting an example for the children. Forbes is reporting that Cisco has agreed to give Apple some extra time to respond to their iPhone trademark lawsuit (perhaps they know they might not have a leg to stand on?) so the two c...

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Wikipedia battle over iPhone trademark

There's something deeply fascinating about article debates at Wikipedia; reading the intricate threads is like eavesdropping on a librarian's convention where the punch has been spiked with PCP. The tumult du jour is the involved discussion on the appropriate naming and disposition of the iPhone art...

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Did Cisco lose its right to iPhone trademark last year?

Ed Burnette over at ZDNet asks a question we haven't seen anywhere else. Has Cisco already lost its right to the iPhone trademark? Several specialists in trademark law describe how Cisco's trademark was registered back in '99 and may not have been properly renewed or used within the 6 years (plus 6 ...

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Cisco v. Apple II: AM followup on trademark lawsuit

As you all know by now (and saw Scott post last night), the trademark discussions between Apple and Cisco over the use of the iPhone name did not resolve cleanly and Cisco has filed suit. Negotiations were apparently in progress up until Monday night, with the remaining issues focused on interopera...

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Cisco's General Counsel blogs about the iPhone suit

Mark Chandler, Cisco's SVP and General Counsel, has some things to say about Cisco's suit involving Apple's infringement of Cisco's iPhone trademark. Chandler says that this suit isn't about money, nor is it about derailing Apple's cool new phone. Rather, it is all about protecting Cisco's intellect...

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