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CES 2013: Nectar's fuel cell pack claims to store up to two weeks of extra power

The Nectar mobile power system had its debut earlier this week at CES' Unveiled pre-show, and if nothing else, it's an impressive boast: The system claims to provide up to two weeks of power for your devices (including the iPhone) from a pack that fits very easily in a pocket. It's a pretty wil...

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Apple expands lawsuit against Motorola

Perhaps the only department at Apple that works longer hours than engineering these days is legal. The most recent legal dust-up in Cupertino has just expanded, as Apple has amended a patent lawsuit against Motorola to include 12 more claims. This particular fracas began in October when Motorola ...

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U.S. ITC will investigate Apple's patent infringement claims of Motorola

Just about a month after Apple filed patent complaints against Motorola, Bloomberg reports that the U.S. International Trade Commission is set to review the claim. Apple's complaints were filed on October 29, just a few days after Motorola sued Apple over 18 alleged patent infringements on Octobe...

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