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Test driving the ClamCase Pro keyboard case for iPad Air 2 (Updated)

With the arrival of the iPad Air 2 last fall, many case manufacturers went back to the drawing board to produce new products that would accommodate the slightly thinner tablet. One of the favorite keyboard cases for those of us here at TUAW has always been the ClamCase Pro (US$169.00), and that ...

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ClamCase Pro for iPad Air: The best keyboard just got better

With all of the Bluetooth keyboards that have appeared over the years for the iPad, there was one that really stuck out in my mind as the best overall and that was the ClamCase Pro. When it came to letting me type quickly on an iPad, have flexibility in how I viewed the iPad screen, and overall bu...

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ClamCase Pro for iPad mini appears at CES, available to order

If there's one accessory that I've been waiting for, it's the ClamCase Pro for iPad mini. Sure, there are a lot of keyboard cases for the iPad Air and iPad mini that have blossomed onto the market in the past few months, but I've been waiting for the ClamCase product for one good reason -- their C...

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ClamCase Pro for iPad: Solid protection, amazing keyboard

With this review, I think that we're just about through the Spring 2013 crop of iPad Bluetooth keyboard folio cases, and it appears that I've saved the best for last. The ClamCase Pro for iPad (US$169, currently available for $20 off with coupon code SPRING20) was a pleasant surprise, providing th...

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ClamCase Pro released, latest iteration of iconic iPad keyboard case

ClamCase reported today that the newest version of their ClamCase iPad keyboard case is available for order with shipping expected in February. The ClamCase Pro (US$169) is a redesign of the original model and uses an aluminum and white polycarbonate enclosure that compliments the design of the...

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Clambook promises to turn iPhones into laptops by the end of 2012

You've always known that your iPhone is almost as powerful as a "real" laptop computer. Now accessory manufacturer Clamcase plans to bring a laptop screen and keyboard to your iPhone in the form of a new product called the Clambook. Expected by the all-important holiday shopping season, the C...

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Hands-on with the iPad ClamCase keyboard/stand

We've been stopping by the trailer of our sister site Engadget quite often here at CES for the excellent company (and the excellent Wi-Fi), and while we were in there the other day, the good folks from ClamCase came by to show off their product. Engadget got their own look, but we were kindly hande...

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ClamCase turns iPad into laptop

Now this is pretty awesome. ClamCase is introducing an iPad case that includes a Bluetooth keyboard so you can essentially disguise your iPad as a netbook or laptop. ClamCase can act as a generic case, an iPad stand, or you can use the keyboard for mobile computing. The one drawback, based on the ...

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