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Before Halo we had Marathon -- play Bungie's three Mac classics free

Mac users have always been second-string players in the world of computer gaming. For every AAA title that debuted on both Mac and Windows, a hundred games never reached for that gleaming Apple. Growing up in the '90s, I was a Windows user and never heard an end to the complaints from my Mac gamer...

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Macintosh pen holder holds your writing utensil in a classic way

Sure, at over US$53 it's a little pricey, but I am completely charmed by this pen holder shaped like an old Macintosh. Maybe it's that Susan Kare face, or the floppy drive slot, or just the reassuring, all-in-one, boxy shape, but there's something about this little 3D-printed desktop decoration...

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Baldur's Gate Enhanced for iPad is now available

After months of waiting, (we first heard about this one back in March), the Enhanced Edition of Bioware's classic D&D RPG Baldur's Gate has arrived on the iPad. This is the full version of the old party-based game, with more than 80 hours of story-driven gameplay to go through, tons of char...

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Daily iPhone App: Super Bunny Breakout updates Atari's classic with a cute shine

Atari has several great titles on the horizon, and it recently released Super Bunny Breakout (US$0,99, universal), a fun game that's a take on the company's classic Breakout. As usual, you can see what the game is like in our video below. The idea is that you bounce a bunny around, breaking var...

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Classic Elite, Interplay titles coming to iOS

Touch Arcade has some good and bad news for fans of classic PC RPGs out there. The bad news is that the expected Elite Collection (which was set to come out last week and round up some of old developer Elite Systems' best games on iOS, has been delayed due to some rights issues. One of the comp...

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Apple may discontinue the iPod shuffle and classic

We've been sitting on a tip for a while until things came into greater focus, but now that the speculation meter has exploded (see this CNet story), it's a good time to tell you all what we've heard. It seems that the "product transition" Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very wel...

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(Two) Grand Central locals worry about an Apple Store

New York's PIX11 has a report up about the new Apple Store that was just confirmed to be installed right in the middle of Grand Central Terminal. While most are excited about the idea, some are not. One Grand Central visitor complains that the place is already too crowded (it is, after all, Gra...

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Apple hasn't buried the iPod classic yet

Rejoice, ye lovers of magnetic drives and scroll wheels! While Steve announced no updates to the iPod Classic, that doesn't mean it is going anywhere. In fact, it is prominently displayed on the iPod page over at So if you're into "retro" tech and you like big capacities and thick gadget...

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Need to run Classic under Snow Leopard? SheepShaver can do that.

I'm beginning to think that some other writers on the Mac beat are reading my mind. About two weeks ago, one of my consulting clients was asking if there was any way that she'd be able to upgrade to Snow Leopard and still be able to run two legacy applications in Classic, one of which was HyperC...

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eBook Roundup: 8 Apps for iPhone readers

An e-book (or ebook, or eBook, depending upon who you ask) is the digital equivalent of a paper book. According to KiwiTech, the publishers of Classics2Go, the market for eBooks has increased more than 60% over the last six years and growth from this point is expected to be very strong. We can ...

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Snood Redood coming to the iPhone

Fortunately, World of Warcraft didn't exist while I was in school, otherwise I might not have finished my venerable BS degree at the storied Ithaca College at all. But if there was one game that almost kept me from finishing all of those essays and homework... well, it was Civ. But if there were tw...

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How old is your oldest working Mac?

A few months ago I brought my family's old Macintosh SE/30 to my home office. While it booted fine a few years ago, it looks like mine has developed SimasiMac, which means a trip inside the machine to replace a few capacitors (I hope). Along with the SE/30 I brought a Powerbook 540c, one of the more...

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Twitterers remember their first Mac

Reader Sam K. (thanks!) noticed the fun on Twitter -- lots of folks are sharing their memories of the first Mac they bought/used with the #firstmac hash tag, and boy is it fun reading through them. The responses are all over the place, from the old ][e (technically my first computer ever at schoo...

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Found Footage: Good grief, NCIS, do you take us for fools?

Resident NCIS geek Tim McGee (the same character who, in a past episode, managed to download a taxicab security video directly onto his iPhone) unpacks a boxful of his childhood computer gear; he proudly announces the computer you see above as his "Mac SE," when you don't need HDTV to know that it's...

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Vintage games for the iPhone: Crystal Quest is back

Back when the Macintosh meant a machine with a built-in black & white screen, there were some extremely popular games -- but for the generation that remembers the introduction of the Mac II's color display, the unmistakable gameplay of Crystal Quest is sure to spark a deep sense of joy. Collecti...

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