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Let's all take a moment to remember Apple's utterly amazing 1980s foray into fashion

When it comes to Apple apparel, nobody can stop talking about the rumored iWatch that may or may not make its debut in 2014, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time the company got into the wearable business. If we rewind time a few decades, we find a fabulous clothing line launched by Apple t...

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Use your iPhone to create a custom T-shirt

If you have a photo you shot with your iPhone that you want the whole world to see, you can use the new InstaShirt app to turn that image into a T-shirt for around US$20. You have limited color choices and sizes range from small to XXL for men, women and children. As for the quality, there's ...

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Dress like Steve Jobs for Halloween with iWear

The guys at Scoopertino have the exclusive details on Apple's "next big product launch." According to them, "Apple is making a multimillion-dollar bet" that you'll want it, too. Apple is set to release their first ever clothing line, dubbed "iWear," which lets you dress exactly like Steve Jobs. T...

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iClothing: Fashionable (?) iPad wearables from Australia

OK, I'm not sure where I want to go with this. On the one hand, this is a clever way to carry your iPad when you're out hitting the clubs on Friday night. On the other hand, there's something a little strange about seeing a good-looking woman wearing a "little black dress" with a huge pocket in t...

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The perfect clothing accessory for your iPad

The geek clothiers at SCOTTEVEST keep coming up with great ways to stay in the news, and their latest tip is, not surprisingly, iPad-related. One of the first products from the company was the Travel Vest for Men (US$100), which has been a popular way to hide every piece of tech gear you own in p...

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Apple t-shirt: Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Quality shirts for Apple fans can sometimes be hard to find on the web. Call me crazy, but the standard-issue black "GEEK" shirts don't quite cut it for me; I hate black as a shirt color because it gets way too hot in the summer, and these kinds of designs are typically bland and uninteresting. I...

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Insanely Great Tees releases two new shirts

Insanely Great Tees, who we've mentioned before and dearly love here at TUAW, has announced two new shipping shirts from that batch we all voted on. The "I'm a Mac" and "Binary Tree" (both $17) are ready to ship and keep you clothed, just in time for Macworld 07! I was personally hoping for the "cmd...

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1983 Apple T-Shirts

The Mothership!, a Mac site "dedicated to the preservation of Apple computer history," has come across a catalog picture of a quirky piece of Apple schwag hailing from 1983. Surely, even back then it is apparent that Apple covered all the bases, offering colors, styles and sizes for the en...

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