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Tag: cloud storage

Apple's new iCloud pricing: Better, bigger, still not much for free

Apple has announced new iCloud pricing, kind of an important thing when you consider that the company will soon be asking us to take more of our images and documents off of our devices and entrust them to the cloud. The new pricing strategy starts off the same -- a measly 5 GB of storage for free ...

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Dropbox launches Carousel and expands Dropbox for Business

Dropbox wants to be the go-to source for sharing videos and photos online, and their new app seeks to make that familiar task even easier. Today the company launched Carousel, a fast new photo and video sharing app that allows users to quickly sort and find visual media files in their archives. Ra...

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Google Drive goes to war with iCloud and Dropbox with insane price drop

Google has made it clear for years that they're determined to be the number one name in the cloud storage game, but with their latest price drop they're declaring war on their competitors. While iCloud gives 5 GB of storage for free to all Apple device owners, Google Drive's basic service has prov...

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Transporter Sync: Making the cloud personal and affordable

Earlier this year, Erica Sadun and I tested a new idea for creating a personal cloud -- the Transporter from Connected Data. At the time, we weren't all that impressed with the device or its user interface. Our big complaint was that the software was quite confusing, requiring access to both a loc...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Backups and Clouds and Dolly Drive!

Another Sunday means another talkcast! As you may have noticed, Kelly's put some prep work in for tonight. We have some special guests tonight coming in from Dolly Drive, and we'll be discussing backup services, and cloud services, and what happens when you get your backup all in your cloud, or y...

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Microsoft SkyDrive 3.0 update finally makes it into the App Store

In December of 2012, we reported on how Apple was delaying updates to Microsoft's SkyDrive iOS app over a dispute on whether or not Apple should receive its customary 30 percent cut on storage plans purchased through the app. Well, apparently the bickering couple has kissed and made up, as the ...

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SugarSync 2.0 now available as a public beta

SugarSync 2.0 is now available as a public beta to anyone who currently uses the cloud service or is thinking about moving to the platform. SugarSync has been redesigned across the board, from the desktop Mac app to the web app, and (soon) the iOS app will be available. At this point in time,...

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Box makes a deal to add more global servers

I find it a little hard to believe that until now, Box (formerly didn't have any servers running outside the US. But apparently that was the case, as the company has just made a deal with Equinix to host six data centers around the world, including places such as Amsterdam, Sydney and ...

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Box app updated with iPhone 5 compatibility, get 10 GB of storage free now

The Box app has just been updated for compatibility with the iPhone 5 and to celebrate, Box is offering some excellent cloud storage deals for new users. When you download and sign in to the free app (starting now, for a limited time), you will get the 10 GB + Sync Box service for free. If you ...

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Dropbox doubles storage on Pro plans -- for free

Dropbox users who have one of the Dropbox Pro 50 or 100 GB plans woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning -- they now have double the storage space in the cloud and didn't have to pay a cent more. According to a post last night on the Dropbox blog, they've been getting requests for bigger ...

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Google launches Google Drive

Google launched Google Drive, an online service that lets you create, share and store your documents online. You can use the desktop client to upload videos, photographs, Google docs and more to Google's cloud. When you're on the go, you can access these files using a mobile client. Google Dr...

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OpenPhoto is an open, cloud-based photo storage alternative for iPhone

If you're furious with Flickr and peeved at Picasa, there's a new kid in town -- OpenPhoto. OpenPhoto is an open source photo sharing service along the lines of those other services, but the images are stored on Dropbox, Amazon S3, or any other cloud-storage service. It's meant to give photograph...

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Walmart to charge $2-$4 to convert DVDs to UltraViolet

Walmart is expected to announce today that it has entered a partnership with Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and Fox to allow consumers to access DVDs they own in UltraViolet's cloud. This will cost between US$2-$4 per DVD, depending on quality. The DVDs will be stamped to prev...

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Samsung's iCloud rival delayed

Engadget is reporting Korea's ETNews' claim that Samsung's S-Cloud is delayed because Samsung decided to change the way the cloud infrastructure works. Samsung is hoping that S-Cloud will rival Apple's iCloud and is now looking at Korea's KT public cloud service to use as a backbone for its system...

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Dropbox is the top iPhone productivity app in TUAW Best of 2011 voting

Merry Christmas! Although today is officially a holiday and we're all spending time with our families and friends, the voting elves at TUAW have been working hard to continue the coverage of our TUAW Best of 2011 awards. Today's winner is an app and service that should be on everyone's iPhone...

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