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App authoring made WordPress-easy with Kleverbeast

Making a good iOS app isn't easy (just ask our own Mike Schramm), and frankly most non-programmer professionals don't have the time or energy to learn their way through XCode and take control of their own "face" on the App Store. That's too bad, really; more and more, a brand's first impression...

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WordPress iOS editing app gets styling buttons, full-screen mode

It's only fair and right that one of the world's most popular content management/blogging platforms should have a snazzy and capable iPhone app to go with it. The WordPress app has been updated to version 2.9, adding three new features for mobile users. The new version adds handy styling button...

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Google releases an official Blogger iPhone app

A few days after the entire service had a redesign, Blogger now has something users have been waiting for for a while: an official iPhone app. Google has released the Blogger app to the App Store, and it's now available for download. The app allows you to do everything you'd expect with the Blo...

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Squarespace hosting/CMS service launches iPhone app

After a long wait, Squarespace customers finally have an iPhone app of their own. Squarespace is a hosted blogging/CMS service that competes with the likes of WordPress.com and Typepad. Having used all three, I can say that interacting with Squarespace (posting, changing your site's look and feel, e...

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