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Jobs tops CNBC's "most influential" list and more news for April 29, 2014

A free iPhone voice & data plan (no, really), Steve Jobs back in the news and a reminder that there's a lot more to do in this world that stare at your phone. Here's this afternoon's Apple news. CNBC has compiled a list of the most influential business leader of the last 25 years, and Steve J...

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CNBC publishes abysmal list of "things Apple needs to do right now"

Apple naysayers are a dime a dozen these days, and you don't have to dig very far on any business or general tech website to find someone who thinks Cupertino is akin to a barn on fire. So when I say I was actually shocked at how ridiculous CNBC's recent "Three things Apple needs to do right now" ...

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"CNBC Titans" Steve Jobs biography airs Thursday

CNBC will air an unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs on its "CNBC Titans" show this Thursday. The season premiere of the Titans show will explore "the undisputed king of Silicon Valley for the better part of three decades." Being an unauthorized documentary, there's probably not that much new ...

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iPads are becoming as important to doctors as their stethoscopes

For many doctors, iPads are becoming " important to patient care as their stethoscope," according to a segment on CNBC. Last year about 22 percent of doctors started integrating iPads into their practice. At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, iPads became a mainstay in patient care from...

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'Can Apple maintain profitability?' Yes.

Seriously? This is the question of the day? When people are still voicing serious and legitimate concerns about the rest of the economy? We're talking about a company with enough money in the bank to make a Goldman Sachs-sized investment in Facebook if it wanted to, more than triple the amount Dell ...

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McGraw-Hill CEO: "The tablet is going to be just really terrific"

McGraw-Hill's CEO Terry McGraw is obviously very excited that he's been asked to work with Apple on a brand new type of computer, and he just couldn't wait another 24 hours to tell somebody -- he showed up on CNBC today to talk about his company's latest earnings, and he more or less spills the bea...

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Reminder: Welcome to Macintosh airs tonight on CNBC, more docs to follow

As we mentioned a few days ago, CNBC will air Welcome to Macintosh tonight at 9:30Pm Eastern/6:30 Pacific time. Welcome to Macintosh is an indie documentary that provides an intimate look at Apple's history. It's been shown at different times and places over the past year, and you can also buy it f...

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Welcome to Macintosh to air on CNBC on January 4th, 2010

If you missed Macworld Expo 2009 in San Francisco last January, then you probably missed the premiere showing of Welcome to Macintosh, an indie documentary that provides an intimate look at Apple's history. It's been shown at different times and places over the past year, and you can also buy it fr...

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CNBC to air 'Planet of the Apps' on January 7

I was just watching CNBC and saw a commercial for a special called "Planet of the Apps: A Handheld Revolution!" The one-hour program looks at how the launch of the Apple iPhone in June of 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology. The main site lists some highlight from the show, includi...

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CNBC: Apple beating recession

A panel on CNBC's Fast Money was recently remarking on AAPL's apparent invulnerability to the recession that's currently affecting the United States, noting that it's jumped 40% so far this year, outperforming the NASDAQ. J.P. Mark of Farmhouse Equity Research suggests that the exciteme...

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Jim Cramer smackdown includes talk of Apple

I don't know if you watched the Jon Stewart interview with CNBC host Jim Cramer on the Daily Show last night. Stewart and Cramer have been feuding for a week about Cramer's bad financial advice, and the lack of any deep or meaningful reporting on CNBC as the market was melting down. As part of the ...

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'Fake Steve' chides CNBC's Goldman in source foofaraw

Dan Lyons, who once wrote the "Fake Steve Jobs" blog, criticized Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman for withholding information from sources inside Apple about Steve Jobs' health. The sparks fly in this video around the 3:30 mark. Lyons, on CNBC Reports, said Goldman had become the kind of re...

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Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' until the end of June

CNBC is reporting that Steve Jobs' health situation is "more serious" than previously thought, and Steve Jobs announced he is taking a "medical leave of absence" in a letter to Apple employees. He anticipates returning in July. Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer, is taking over day-to-day operations ...

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CNBC talks with Steve Jobs

As usual, Steve Jobs sat down with the press after making a public product announcement. This time, it was with Jim Goldman, who asked Steve about the new iPods and his health. Noting that he could stand to gain a few pounds, Steve told Jim that he's "...doing fine" and "...surprised" by all the spe...

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iPhone browser share doubled since 3G launch

According to HitsLink, the people who track web usage statistics, iPhone users account for about a third of one percent of web browsers on the Internet, the largest of any mobile platform. iPhone ranks fourth overall in terms of operating system market share, behind Windows, Mac, and Linux. On Augus...

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