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No CNN, the iPhone 6 is not better than a professional TV camera

CNN is committed to asking the hard hitting, need to know, questions that haunt everyone. The big questions, like is the iPhone 6 camera as powerful as CNN's multi-thousand dollar professional TV camera? The answer will probably not surprise you, given one sells for a few hundred dollars and the ...

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Tweetwall rebuilt, new iPad app available

Tweetwall is a company that provides Twitter displays for events, allowing companies to show guests the live Twitter chatter about their events. Their clients have included CNN, Yahoo, Intel, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, the Obama campaign and the Webby Awards. Now Tweetwall has launched a rebuilt ver...

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iPhone app used to control Touch Bionics prosthetic hand

In 2008, Jason Koger had both of his hands amputated after accidentally coming into contact with a downed power line on his grandfather's farm. Since the accident, Koger has been using a variety of prosthetic arms to cope with everyday life. However, the prosthetics Koger has been using have bee...

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Fortune ranks the Apple analysts

After Apple's earnings call yesterday the company's stock took a sizable hit. This, of course, was due in large part to the company underperforming analysts' revenue expectations. But rather than rail on Apple, Fortune argues that Wall Street's Apple analysts performed worse than the company itsel...

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Zite releases version 2 of its popular news app

I've always found Zite to be the smart news aggregator I turn to first in the day. Because it learns from my choices, it gets better and better at creating a personal news magazine that has the topics I really love. Today Zite has pushed out a thoroughly revised update with a lot of new feature...

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iPad mini's rumored launch may be aimed at Microsoft Surface

This theory is speculative, but let's give CNN's Don Sears some consideration anyway. He suggests that Apple's suspected iPad mini event has been moved from the rumored October 10 to 17 date range to the current expectation of the October 23. Why, he asks? Because the Microsoft Surface is due t...

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Apple's "obligation" to help fix America's problems

Does Apple have an obligation to help solve America's financial woes? That's a question addressed by Clyde Prestowitz in a special edition article on CNN. Prestowitz, founder and president of Economic Strategy Institute, argues that Apple should use its position to drive manufacturing back to t...

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Why is Siri female (in the US at least)?

Have you ever wondered why most of the default voices for computers are female? Although Siri is male in the UK and France, it's female in the U.S., Australia, and Germany. CNN's Brandon Griggs pondered this question in a post last month, and found that -- among other things -- people find wome...

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CNN acquires Zite, plans to operate as independent business

A week ago we reported on the rumors that CNN reportedly purchased iPad magazine app Zite, a magazine aggregater which collects news based on your personal preferences and presents it to you in a magazine-like format. Today, CNN confirmed those rumors. In a post on CNNTech, the company says i...

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CNN reportedly buys iPad magazine app Zite

Techvibes is reporting that CNN is buying Vancouver-based iPad magazine app Zite for up to US$25 million. Zite is an iPad magazine app that aggregates news based on your personal preferences. Personalized magazine aggregator apps are becoming increasingly popular on the iPad. Other similar ap...

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Daily Update for August 23, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline pla...

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CNN streaming 24 hours a day to browsers, iPad and iPhone apps

CNN and HLN announced today that they're now streaming programming 24 hours a day on, the CNN App for iPad, and the CNN App for iPhone and iPod touch. According to the press release (below), CNN Worldwide is the first news organization to stream its channels online and on mobile devic...

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CNN says Apple's "antennagate" biggest tech fail of 2010

CNN has a list of their biggest tech "fails" of 2010, and the number one spot is the iPhone 4 antenna issue, aka "antennagate." Perhaps it was inevitable that the hubris of Apple's past decade would eventually catch up with the company. Antennagate, as you may recall, was the issue around a precipi...

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CNN releases official iPad app

CNN released its first app for the iPad today, and the tablet version is an excellent companion to its iPhone counterpart, just as we predicted. The iPad version duplicates the media-rich experience of the website by including full-length articles, commenting, slideshow support and on-demand audio ...

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Woz flashes fake white iPhone 4 on CNN

You've got to hand it to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Although he hasn't really done anything for the company since 1987, he is becoming quite the TV star. He's been a competitor on Dancing with the Stars, did a cameo on Big Bang Theory, and was recently seen on CNN flashing a white iPhone 4. A w...

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