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IceClean does system maintenance and optimization for your Mac for free

There are a raft of utilities that provide a front end for the built-in Unix system tasks. Some are free, some cost a little bit, either through a purchase or shareware fee. Cocktail is a great example of a paid app that is very complete but it's not free. OnyX is a good free app with similar capabi...

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Apple and record labels to release competing enhanced album formats

Remember when we said the four largest record companies were working together with Apple to add enhanced liner notes and extra media to full album purchases through the iTunes Store? Well, apparently Apple wasn't in on that cooperation. The Guardian is reporting that the four companies' plans for ...

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iTunes Store to add enhanced liner notes, extra media to album purchases

Digital music purchases have been dominating the market for some time now as physical CD purchases continue to fall. For Apple, a significant lead over the rest of the music proprietor world is not enough: according to the Financial Times, the company is now working together with the four largest...

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Cocktail 4.3 Leopard edition released

It's Cocktail time yet again -- the intrepid folks at Maintain are updating the Leopard version to 4.3, and bringing more utility than ever to the already extremely popular and versatile Unix function and OS X tweaking app. The new version adds the ability to clear harmful files off the system (incl...

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Cocktail Tiger Edition shaken, not stirred, to version 4.2

Tiger users of the world, unite! You've stayed with Mac OS X 10.4 for a reason, probably that you have a favorite piece of software that still suffers under Leopard. Well, that shouldn't keep you from maintaining your Mac so it's running at peak performance. If you use Maintain's Cocktail Tige...

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Maintenance utility Cocktail 4.1.4 released

All the way since back when I started using a Mac, the program that's been most recommended to new Mac users in my experience isn't Adium, Transmit, or Quicksilver (although those are certain all terrific apps/reasons to be a Mac owner) -- Cocktail is the one that I've seen on the Top 10 Mac apps mo...

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Cocktail for Leopard 4.1.3

Cocktail, the power-user's system housekeeping app, has been updated to version 4.1.3, and now features support for Leopard 10.5.4. The utility lets you enable and disable Spotlight indexing, disk journaling, kiosk mode, and a host of other "undocumented" options for the Finder, Dock, Safari, Mail, ...

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Cocktail Tiger edition goes to 4.0.1, Leopard edition 4.0.2

Just in case you haven't yet upgraded to Leopard, but still love using Cocktail (that crazy mix of Unix functions for OS X), Maintain has released version 4.0.1 of their Tiger edition. They've fixed some compatibility problems with QuickTime, and added support for clearing font caches in Microsoft O...

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Cocktail 4.0

Cocktail 4.0 is out and brings to this system utility a host of new features. The biggest item in Cocktail 4.0 is Leopard support. 4.0 also adds Sparkle updating, new Automator actions, better help, and lots of bug fixes. Cocktail allows you to tweak a dizzying number of things about OS X. This is a...

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MacUpdate rolls out a bundle-- $50 for 7 apps

MacUpdate has another one of these bundle promotions going on-- is it just me, or is Mac software the only place (besides, say, pyramid schemes), where increasing bundles like this are sold? I don't show up at the grocery store to buy some oranges only to find that they're cheaper because 10,000 peo...

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Cocktail 3.8 brings over 100 new features

Cocktail 3.8, the Tiger Edition of the indispensable Mac utility, brings with it a host of new features. Not least amongst these new features is a gorgeous UI overhaul, which makes Cocktail not only useful but a pleasure to use. For the uninitiated Cocktail is a small app that lets you control a nu...

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Cocktail 3.7 adds Intel compatibility

The popular utility Cocktail has been updated to version 3.7 today. This version adds updated Automator support and improves compatibility with Intel-based Macs and Mac OS 10.4.4. The rollout of all of these new universal binaries is giving me déjà vu. It feels like the transition fro...

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Cocktail 3.6.5 (Tiger edition) available

Today Cocktail released version 3.6.5 of the Tiger edition of its OS X utility (is it me or are these folks fast and furious with their updates?). Cocktail puts a pretty face on all sorts of useful disk utilities, system tools, network tools and a lot more. Version 3.6.5 is built on a universal bina...

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