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Panic teases a new iPad app, probably Panic Status Board

Panic is one of our favorite Mac developers -- they make the excellent Coda web editor, and Transmit, which is my OS X FTP client of choice. They have a new iPad app arriving this week, and word around the Internets is that it's an iPad version of Status Board, the internal tool the company...

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Coda 2 for Mac, Diet Coda for iPad available May 24

Coda is Panic's legendary Mac app for editing HTML and other web files, and today Panic has announced the followup to Coda, called (surprise) Coda 2. As you might expect, the hugemongous feature list over on the Coda site has web developers frothed up into a frenzy of anticipation. In addition...

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Prices so low, they're practically insane: Panic 3-day sale is on

It's been hinted at for a few days, but Cabel Sasser and the rest of the crew at Panic Software may have accidentally slipped some mind-altering substances into their last batch of Coda Cookies; how else to explain a three-day, 50%-off sale on all of the company's well-designed and well-regarded...

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Changes moves to 1.5, adds new features, gives TUAW readers a discount, the ultimate Mac application used to track changes in folders and text files, was recently updated to version 1.5. This new version easily integrates with Coda, Espresso, BBEdit, TextWrangler, and TextMate. When you launch Changes, you will be able to install plug-ins directly into...

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Take a shot of Espresso 1.0

We first started hearing about MacRabbit's Espresso back in September; six months, a public beta and countless cups of coffee later, Espresso 1.0 is finally ready for sipping! MacRabbit, makers of the award-winning CSSEdit, parlayed the idea of an HTMLEdit companion app into an all around web...

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Transmit 3.6.7 is available

Earlier this week, one of the applications that I use every day, Panic's Transmit, was updated to version 3.6.7. Since the previous version was 3.6.6, this seems like a minor update, but it does bring some welcome bug fixes, including Re-worked preview drawer to avoids possible transfer...

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Coda 1.6 released, offers plug-in support

A cheery little dialog box informed me just a few minutes ago that Coda 1.6 is available from the fine folks at Panic. Coda is a one-window web-development and editing environment that is one of my favorite apps, and one that we've covered here before. Coda 1.6 introduces a plug-in architecture...

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Friday Favorite: Coda + Versions + Beanstalk

Welcome to Friday Favorites! Every Friday, one of us will get all sloppy over an app, web service, or Mac feature that makes us grin like an idiot every time we use it. This week, Robert tells us about his favorite Web development tools. It's no secret that I heart Coda. I've been in love with the...

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My Dad, the Switcher: Day Zero

This is the first part of an occasional series about my Dad, who, as a long-time Windows user, decided to switch to the Mac. If you're interested in the whole story, more installments are here. As far as database management and Windows programming is concerned, my dad is what you'd call...

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Espresso testers selected, beta coming late November

If you've been salivating for a shot of Espresso, the upcoming integrated web development environment for Mac OS X, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. An email sent this morning by the developer, MacRabbit's Jan Van Boghout, confirmed the status of those accepted into the beta program,...

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Coda updated to 1.5.1

Lost in the din of yesterday's Apple announcements, Panic has updated Coda, its all-in-one website editing tool, to 1.5.1. The update largely fixes possible crashes, issues with source control, and squashes several bugs. CFML syntax coloring has been improved, and the release notes promise more...

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TUAW Tip: Regular Expressions for Beginners

Sometimes I think Regular Expressions are like the tax code: if someone professes to know everything about them, they're probably not telling the truth. In reality, Regular Expressions (or RegEx) is a syntax to help you construct very precise search terms to find and replace bits of text in a...

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My favorite Mac apps: Christina's Picks

Picking just three favorite Mac applications was harder than I thought it would be. I decided to forgo anything that was either built-in or part of a major productivity or creative suite and just focus on applications that make my Mac computing experience unique and complete. Coda Even before this...

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Panic releases Coda 1.5

Panic has released Coda 1.5, a free update to my favorite all-in-one web development application. Coda 1.5 adds several major new features, including find-and-replace across multiple files and a fully-integrated Subversion client. Also included in the update is a user-customizable bookshelf, which...

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Panic releases Coda developer's resource

Coda is Panic's awesome all-in-one web worker's application that we've written about before. We even got a nice first hand look at this month's Macworld Expo. Today, the folks at Panic have released a Developer Zone for Coda, which is full of great resources like video tutorials, quick tips, handy...

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