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The right and wrong ways to run apps without dock icons

I recently downloaded an app that I wanted to run without a dock icon. There wasn't a preference to run that way, but I remembered that there was a way to edit a file within each app's "bundle" (.app "files" are actually folders or packages). Sure enough, a little time on Google brought me to i...

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Dev Corner: Signing iPhone apps for informal distribution

At times, iPhone developers might like to test out applications without going through the formality (or challenges) of ad hoc distribution. Ad hoc distribution was introduced by Apple to allow software testing on up to 100 registered devices. It is, admittedly, a bit of a pain. Developers must co...

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Rogue Amoeba on code signing, iPhone SDK

Mike Ash at Rogue Amoeba has published his fairly extensive thoughts on Apple's code signing policies and plans, as well as how they relate to the iPhone SDK. He makes some solid points and elaborates on thoughts that are being bandied about elsewhere on the 'net. In his critique of some points in t...

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