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Devs can now generate 100 promo codes per app release

Apple is now allowing developers to generate 100 app promo codes per app release, according to many developers. Before today, developers were limited to just 50 promo codes, which are usually given out to members of the press so they can review apps without having to pay for them. With the bump to 1...

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Engadget meets Woz

Engadget's Josh Topolsky got to chat with none other than Woz recently, and they've finally shared a great video of their meeting. Woz says a lot of interesting things in the video (he runs six navigation systems at a time in his car just for comparison's sake, and carries two iPhones nowadays, jus...

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iTunes gift cards cracked

This seems like bad news for Apple, to say the least. A few Chinese websites are now selling $200 gift certficates to iTunes for less than a few bucks, which means that it's likely hackers have figured out the algorithm to determine gift codes on Apple's music store. As with most online codes, iTune...

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LicenseKeeper tracks your serial number collection

The crew at Outer Level (developers of the kid-friendly, bug-chomping game Bullfrog) apparently have a problem in common with me, and plenty of other Mac users: too many software license codes and no system for organizing them. Excel and FileMaker, too bulky; flat text files, too plain; leave them i...

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