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Crossover 12.0 available now

CrossOver -- the friendly little utility that allows you to run Windows applications on a Mac without having to switch to a Boot Camp installation of the full OS -- received a major update in the form of CrossOver 12.0. The update brings support for more applications as well as a sneak peek as dev...

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CodeWeavers' Flock the Vote 10/31 giveaway is live, download CrossOver Windows tools for free

With a tongue-in-cheek press release, Windows compatibility vendor CodeWeavers announced earlier this week that it would be giving away free licenses and 12-month support for its flagship CrossOver product today, October 31. CrossOver provides compatibility for Win32 API-based applications li...

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Macworld Expo 2011: CrossOver goes to version 10 with Impersonator

If you want to run Windows apps on your Mac, there are now a few ways to go about it. First there's Boot Camp, the official solution that will let you boot into an installed Windows partition. Then there are virtualization solutions like Parallels or VMWare, which "pretend" to be a separate hard ...

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CrossOver Games 8.0 released

Codeweavers tells us that they've released version 8 of their Crossover Games software -- I tried it out a while ago, and found that while it was a pretty good way to play their recommended games, once you went off the reservation, things got a little hairy. Then again, that was a long time ago, an...

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Codeweavers says cheap gas = free software today

Update 10/28: Welcome, Digg fans. CodeWeavers' site is getting crunched under the massive demand for the free versions of CrossOver, so there is now a minimal site at down.codeweavers.com that will accept your email address; you will be mailed your registration code in the next couple of days. ---...

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Crossover Mac to ship this week

Reader Greg Taylor advises that Codeweavers' WINE-based Win32 application runtime Crossover is due for release during Macworld. The release version should be downloadable for registered users sometime this week. It remains to be seen how well Crossover will do up against more traditional virtualizat...

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Crossover Mac enters Beta 2 phase

We missed this a few days ago, but Crossover Mac, CodeWeaver's WINE environment that allows you to run Windows applications along side OS X applications, with no need for virtualization, has been updated to Beta 2. What's new in b2? Lots, apparently. There are "dramatic" performance improvements an...

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Crossover for the Mac Beta

CodeWeavers has just released the beta of Crossover for the Mac. What the heck is Crossover for the Mac? It is a WINE environment that allows you to run Windows applications along side OS X applications, without the need for virtualization. This product will be a boon for those folks that only need...

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