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BRUVELO would be your iPhone-powered coffee powerhouse

What is it with Apple fans and coffee? Perhaps it's the fact that you can totally "geek out" on the process, the beans, the hardware and so on. Add your iPhone to the mix and you've got Apple-loving Coffee Nerd Nirvana. BRUVELO is a coffee maker and companion iOS app, currently on Kicktarter, th...

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Mr. Coffee just released an iPhone-controllable 'Smart Coffee Maker'

The list of "Things That We Probably Don't Need Smart Versions Of But We Got Them Anyway" gets a little bit longer today with the announcement and release of the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker, an iPhone-controllable appliance that lets you initiate the brewing of a fresh pot of bean juice from any...

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The Guardian opens pop-up coffee shop with iPads at the tables in London

Londoners who take a little iPad with their coffee might want to swing by Shoreditch and check out The Guardian's pop-up coffee shop. As TechCityNews reports, the Guardian newspaper has teamed up with Nude Espresso and EE to open the pop-up coffee shop, called #guardiancoffee, in the world's first...

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Dunkin Donuts launches mobile pay app

Coffee drinkers who prefer Dunkin Donuts to Starbucks will be happy to know that DD now has its own mobile app. The app lets customers pay for food, drinks and other merchandise using their iPhone. Customers can add money to the virtual card using a credit card, debit card or Paypal. When they ...

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Square and Starbucks make deal for cellphone payments

You could buy a lot of coffee with $25 million; that's how much money Starbucks is investing in Square as part of a deal to incorporate the mobile payments startup into its store systems. Starting in the fall, Square's Pay with Square app will be enabled for Starbucks purchases, and Starbucks will...

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I'll take the MacBook, hold the macchiato: no coffee in Apple Stores, please

Esquire's Elizabeth Gunnison wrote a speculative piece about cafés in Apple Stores. In short, she thinks it's a great idea. In her piece she writes: Think about it: Apple's retail stores are purpose-built for sucking people in and holding them hostage for hours, what with the rows a...

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Starbucks expands pay-by-iPhone pilot

About six months ago, we wrote about two free Starbucks apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. myStarbucks got you to the nearest caffeinated outlet and let you build your coffee, and The Starbucks Card Mobile app replaced your physical card, allowing you to have a bar code scanned and pay for your pur...

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Caffeinated apps: Starbucks intros myStarbucks, Starbucks Card Mobile App

The Microsoft of the coffee biz, Starbucks, announced this morning that they've introduced two new iPhone / iPod touch apps to help customers make the most of their coffee addiction. myStarbucks and the Starbucks Card Mobile App [iTunes links] are free apps available in the iTunes App Store today. T...

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Dunkin' Run lets you live in the future, Dunkin' Donuts style

Ever wanted to order a bunch of coffee and doughnuts along with your friends online, and then go and pick them up in the store? There is, in fact, an app for that. Dunkin' Donuts has released Dunkin' Run (iTunes link), an app that not only connects you and your friends together (through a strange lo...

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TUAW on the Spot: Secret Barista to report on Starbucks 'retraining'

Wanting to get the scoop on the new coffee generation, I put in a call to my secret barista, Ms. Coffee. "Quick, tell the dish about the nationwide Starbucks retraining this afternoon!" "Wish I could -- got nothing to tell. All the stores close at 5:30 pm local time, no matter where they are. We ha...

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