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iTunes 101: From a jug of coins to an iTunes Gift Certificate

Last time we dropped off a jug of change at our local charitable organization, the people there mentioned that they now preferred receiving bills. Apparently, they're getting charged for counting coin donations. With that in mind, we brought our family's donation box over to Coinstar today. We us...

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Turn your change into apps

Ryan P sent us a nice tip about using Coinstar units to turn your spare change into iTunes apps. You've seen Coinstar at the grocery store before -- you throw your spare change in there, and then it spits out a receipt you can take to the service counter for cash (minus a little off the top for the ...

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iTunes gift cards from Coinstar machines

You may have seen those Coinstar machines in your local supermarket. Basically, they turn the coins you've collected in your change jar into bills (for a small fee, usually 8.9%). Recently, they've added a few non-cash alternatives for you to choose from, like charitable donations and prepaid gift c...

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