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Stephen Colbert can't sleep or eat until he gets his hands on an iPad 2

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen was beside himself with anticipation for the iPad 2. A desperate Colbert complains that Apple wouldn't send him one "through the TV," despite having the technology. After all, Colbert notes, its A5 Dual Core Processor allows the iPad 2 to "Not run Flash...

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Feist on Colbert: Become an iPod artist, get citizenship

Not only does being shown in an iPod commercial lead to fame and fortune for many artists, but Canadian singer Leslie Feist apparently got something else out of the deal: she got American citizenship. We have no idea how that works, but she says as much in this clip of her appearing on Stephen Col...

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Steven Colbert on the iPhone

Did the iPhone earn a tip of the hat? No, my friends, it earned a wag of the finger. In fact, in this (NSFW) Colbert Report segment, both Apple and the iPhone earn the rare (and feared) double-finger-wag from a critical Colbert. Dropping "computer" from your name, he lectures, does not make you co...

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Found Footage: Colbert + iPod

Some of you may be aware that Stephen Colbert, the holder of the Truthiness, is having a green screen contest. The above video is one entrant into the contest (though the videos are supposed to feature Stephen fighting an alien, we here at TUAW cast our vote for this one). [via TVSquad]...

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