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Daily iPad App: Use Moldiv to quickly create a collage

JellyBus, the makers of popular iOS image-editing software PicsPlayPro, recently launched a collage-making app, Moldiv, and packed it full of features that'll appeal to creative types who are looking to throw together a beautiful collage. The first thing you notice about Modiv is the large number...

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GoodTimes for Mac lets you create sophisticated photo collages

Update: The GoodTimes app is actually normally priced at $19.99, but was on sale during the holidays for $9.99. Our apologies for the mixup. GoodTimes is a US$40 OS X app (on sale for $19.99 as of this writing) US$19.99 app that creates unique photo collages without requiring any deep computer s...

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Five iOS apps to help you say goodbye to summer, hello to fall

For many people here in the US, summer is quickly coming to a close. School is back in session, summer vacations are done and the temperatures are getting a bit cooler. It can be hard to leave behind the fun of summer, so we've put together a list that'll help you say goodbye to the warm, sunny...

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Customize your collage with Shape Collage

I'm a big fan of Zykloid Software's Posterino, a Mac app that allows you to create elegant collages. Similarly, you can use Shape Collage to create a collage. However, as implied in the app's namesake, you can also customize the shape of your collage to one of the many included preset options, as w...

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First Look: Make cool slide shows with Pix Remix

It's summer, a lot of people are going on vacation, and here at TUAW we've been inundated with postcard apps. First there was my not-so-glowing review of Postcard Express, and then C-mac published her look at Postman 2.0. Today, I received word of something a bit different -- an app that turns your ...

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