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Inside the Apple t-shirt collector world

The Wall Street Journal has a short but interesting piece on the world of Apple t-shirt collecting. There are two types of Apple t-shirts. The first are those shirts that the general public have access to via giveaways at Apple retail stores, such as the t-shirts at an opening of a new Apple St...

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Steve Jobs portrait made out of Apple products mosaic

As reported by MacStories and created for Italian magazine Panorama by Tsevis Visual Design, this picture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is entirely made up of Apple's white products laid out to create a visually arresting portrait. The creative director of the magazine asked Tsevis for the "white on whit...

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Steve Jobs, in doll form

Steve Jobs showed up on my doorstep today...and he's a lot smaller in person. Okay, no, not the real Steve Jobs, but his incredible lifelike miniature. Many of you probably remember the big uproar a few weeks back that Apple had about M.I.C Gadget, a blog about Chinese life and subculture, manufactu...

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Tune your run, old school

The Apple Blog points out that, with all the hubbub surrounding the Apple/Nike deal, we ought to remember that the Air Zoom Moire isn't technically the first time Apple has become involved in footwear. Many moons ago, some Apple employees could be seen sporting these babies. Oh, yeah. For some reaso...

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