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AVP Evolution hosting a contest to put fan art in the game

Fox recently released an official Aliens vs. Predator action game on the App Store called AVP Evolution, which you can pick up if interested right now for US$4.99. Unfortunately, we weren't that impressed with the game here at TUAW -- it's a pretty boring action game with some solid graphics (a...

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AC/DC releases full catalog to iTunes Store

For those about to buy the entire AC/DC catalog mastered for iTunes, we salute you. Every album from the classic Aussie hard rock band, about to celebrate 40 years as a successful act, is now available on the iTunes Store around the world. Two collections are available: The Collection (US$99....

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Huge Apple memorabilia collection up for auction on eBay

TUAW reader Kray Mitchell sent along a link to let us know he's posted a whole bunch of his collection of Apple memorabilia from over the years on eBay, and even if you don't have the cash to pick up this stuff at all, it's at least interesting to browse through it. He's got an original Newton ...

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GTA tops the list, and other game news

For some reason there's a flood of gaming news coming from the App Store this afternoon. So we've rounded it up for you to take in all in one read: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [iTunes link] has reached the top-grossing spot on the store in just two days, which means it's probably taken over...

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Visua Mobile's old Apples collection

A couple of months ago I wound up in Paris and received a surprising direct message via Twitter from a young employee at Visua Mobile. Having nothing better to do in the City of Light, I wound up at their offices. I'm often suspect when a "mobile" development company rings me about their iPhone stab...

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TUAW First Look: Cellar puts your wine collection in your pocket

Beverage choice should be simple: coffee or tea to rev up, wine or beer to spin down (App Store links). Of course, when it comes to drink choices, there's definitely an app for that: from the makers of espresso-instructions app Barista, we now have the $0.99 Cellar (under App Store review and appea...

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Pocketpedia takes your media collections onto your iPhone

While there are plenty of media collection/organizer applications for the Mac -- some well-known and glamorous, others quietly utilitarian and functional -- fans frequently swear by the merits of Bruji's 'Pedia suite for books, DVDs, music and games. Armed with a barcode scanner or your iSight, you ...

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Yojimbo updated to 1.1

We're a little late on this one, but Yojimbo, a very functional yet simple information collection tool, has been updated to version 1.1. Among the decent list of additions, changes and bugfixes are new features like: opening a bookmark in a preferred browser (not necessarily the default) appl...

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