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Think before you switch carriers

With a new iPhone or two on the near horizon and plenty of people ready to buy one, there are probably a few million people who are also thinking about switching mobile carriers. Last year, when the iPhone 5 was the newest kid on the block, I decided that I was through with AT&T and I switched...

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Origin Stories: Steve Sande

I certainly didn't start my career with plans to become a blogger and editor at one of the world's most active Apple websites. When I was a child dreaming about a future career path, computer science barely registered on the "What I want to do when I grow up" list since only corporations owned roo...

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Recent Apple thefts include high-speed NYC chase, Colorado storefront smash-and-grab

Apple devices keep their value, which makes them an attractive target for thieves. Two recent stories highlight how both individuals and Apple stores are vulnerable to theft. One report involves a movie-like high-speed chase, while the other one features a well-timed smash-and-grab heist. The New...

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Regional carrier Strata Networks to carry iPhone 5

After earlier news today that you can move your unlocked iPhone 5 to the Solavei network for some US$49 all-you-can-eat lovin', we've heard of a new regional carrier -- Strata Networks -- that will soon carry the iPhone 5 and provide another alternative to the blue, red, yellow and magenta netw...

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North Carolina town goes paperless, embraces iPads

The town of Cornelius, NC has launched a new program designed to cut down on paper use in the town's government facilities, and the linchpin of this program is none other than Apple's tablet, the iPad. According to the local Herald Weekly paper, the town passed out iPad 2s to commissioners at a...

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TUAW TV Live from the Aspen Grove Apple Store

Those of us in the flyover states have been watching the photos and video coming in from the Eastern seaboard as the Apple Stores open their doors to a new era in personal computing. TUAW Editor Steve Sande is live at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado, and will be streaming the acti...

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Apple Store openings: Your reports

Two new Apple Stores opened this weekend, one in Florida and one in Colorado. As usual, we want any TUAW operatives in the area to send us their stories and pictures. So, how is it going? Did you get out to the store? Let us know!...

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Twenty Ninth Street Store Grand Opening

W00t! Seems Apple really likes me, or at least people in my general area. Tomorrow is the grand opening of the newest Apple store, Boulder, Colorado's Twenty Ninth Street location. Par usual for store openings, the first thousand people through the door get special limited edition t-shirts, and can ...

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Broomfield, CO Apple Store opening this weekend, too

I think it's safe to declare today as "Apple Store News Day." First Toronto's on the map, then Zürich and now a store I've been waiting for: Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield, CO. I just received the email from Apple about the grand opening, the prizes, the glitz and glamor... The...

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New Colorado Apple Store confirmed

It looks like an Apple Store may be headed to Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield, Colorado. According to Colorado publication The Daily Camera, a spokesperson for the mall at Flatiron Crossing stated [subscription required] that Apple has indeed signed a lease for a 3,231 square-foot retail space. The ...

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