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Firaxis bringing Haunted Hollow to iOS

Firaxis is one of my favorite game developers -- they're the group behind the Civ series as well as the recent (and excellent) XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot. Today, they've surprise-announced a game called Haunted Hollow, which is coming to iOS later on this spring. As you'd imagine from Firaxis, ...

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Daily iPhone App: Whale Trail

Whale Trail is a catchy little game that combines a few of my favorites lately into a cotton candy sweet package. Jetpack Joyride is in there, as you need to press on the screen to move upwards and avoid obstacles. Tiny Wings is in there too, as you keep a cute little whale flying using swoopin...

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A "gaming shield" for the iPhone and 3G

I have a feeling people will probably love these or hate these, but personally, I like the fact that they look a little different than most iPhone cases out there. The folks at Element Cases sent us a note about their new "gaming shields" for the iPhone. If you're trying to make your iPhone look d...

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